Friday, October 29, 2010

I have an aversion to this sort of inversion!

I've heard of, and seen, inverted flight . . . but inverted landings? That's new to me, but a stunt pilot, Craig Hosking, modified his Pitts Special, 'Double Take', for the purpose.

Weird, but certainly entertaining! I particularly liked the second tail-wheel on top of the tail . . . but when I'm in a plane, I think I'd greatly prefer the more conventional variety of landing, thank you very much!



Noons said...


Crucis said...

I saw him or at least another like him in Pitt's Special similarly configured at an air show near KC. He did some aerobatics first before landing.

It does take some skill.

Old NFO said...

He's so confused after the Lomcevaks EITHER one works... :-)

Ritchie said...

I saw this or a similar performance some time ago-after landing inverted and exiting the aircraft, he has to get back in by hooking up to an electric cable hoist built into the plane. It's either that, or an extra cockpit on the other side of the plane.