Friday, October 18, 2019

An historic way of life to a different, slower drumbeat

Courtesy of Old Salt Blog, I was interested to come across a novel, centuries-old method of shrimp fishing - on horseback.

Intrigued, I looked for more information, and found this longer, more detailed view of the same "industry" in Belgium.  I found it equally interesting.

It's fascinating to think that such an ancient method of fishing has survived so long;  and it's good to know that the number of mounted fishermen in training has actually increased in recent years.  I imagine the occupation is a lot less stressful than much of modern living, which is an attraction in itself.



Unknown said...

Craftsmen guilds have known a resurgence. In the traditional manner, one is taken in by a master who acts as his mentor. This is combined with modern classroom activities. At the end of that period, the student than hits the road to become a 'journeyman' for perhaps up to a decade. Then he settles down to advance himself towards becoming a master. In the U.S., small scale foundries or furniture making or boatbuilding co-ops have sprung up in support of these guilds and the masters.


CDH said...

Historically here on the gulf coast they rowed nets out (trailing ropes from shore) when they saw a 'bait ball' close enough to shore, deployed the nets, and hauled them back to shore via mules or other draft animals.

Dov Sar said...

I used to be a Navy fighter pilot, and now I plow the snow off my driveway with draft horses. I prefer the latter.