Thursday, October 29, 2020

Preparing for the election - and its aftermath


Greg Ellifritz is a well-known security consultant and firearms instructor, whom we've met in these pages several times before.  I respect him, and trust his advice.

In a recent Facebook post, Greg warns that the coming weeks are likely to be difficult.  I'm reproducing his warning in full here, because I think it's very important.

Election-related violence is increasing. So are the reported rates of Covid-19 positive tests. If I were to look into my crystal ball and prepare a forecast for the next few weeks, it would look like this:

Street violence is going to increase as we get closer to the election. I predict the results of the election will be contested by one or both sides. Violent protests will skyrocket. I think there will be mass looting and a lot of people hurt and killed.

The police will be unwilling/unable to stop this violence. The cops will be the target for many of the protestors. They will have their hands full just trying to stay alive. They won't be coming to help you. Fire/EMS won't respond to dangerous locations without a police escort, so they may not be coming either.

Governments will institute another pandemic lockdown much more strict than what we've seen in past months. Ostensibly the lockdown will be ordered to control the virus, but in actuality, I think they will artificially inflate the virus numbers just to scare folks and keep people off the streets.

The general populace is more amenable to curfews and lockdowns in the interest of public health than the same measures being used to quash election-related violent protests. More curfews and lockdowns are coming, but they will have nothing to do with the virus.

Please use the next few days to plan for an extended lockdown. I think all restaurants, stores, and gas stations could be forcibly shut down for a period of time following the election. Stockpile food and fuel for your family. Make sure you have at least a month's worth of any prescription/OTC meds. Have the ability to better fortify your residence. Make sure you have plenty of fire extinguishers and some means to defend yourself.

Think about what items you would need in order to survive two weeks without ANY shopping and many hours or days without police/fire protection. Acquire that stuff NOW.

If nothing happens, you'll be prepared for the next winter storm. No harm done. If things get unimaginably bad in the next few weeks, you'll be very thankful you prepared.

Or you can just ignore my recommendations and call me a paranoid lunatic. I'm good either way. I wish you all the best.

Greg's warning squares with other articles I've read recently and/or posted here.  Examples from the past week include:

If you missed any of those articles, follow the links.  They all mesh very well with Greg's warning.  I also repeat my earlier advice:  if you live in or near an area where politically-inspired violence, rioting and unrest are likely, this would be a very, very good time to visit friends and relatives in more peaceful areas, and thus not be there when trouble arises.  That's the safest course of action by far.

Forewarned is forearmed, friends.  Let's not be caught with our metaphorical (or physical!) pants down.



Professor Badness said...

So, I'm a librarian in a middle of nowhere Colorado town.
We're suddenly seeing a lot of out-of-state families coming in to the library so their kids can use the wi-fi for homework.
People visiting family at an odd time of year?
Or looking to get out of Democratic strongholds for the near future?
You decide.

Andrew Smith said...

I'll be smiling and waving from over here in Australia. "Smile and wave boys' as the Madagascar penguins would say. :-)

Jonathan H said...

In times of unrest, barbed wire, concrete, and trees are good. Space (distance) also makes a difference. In rural areas, these are easy to out to use - urban areas will require more creative thinking.

Barbed wire is typically sold in reels of 1/4 mile. The best price I found locally was at Tractor Supply for $40 a reel.