Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Is criminal violence in America's largest cities being deliberately under-reported?

I'm more and more getting the impression that it is.  It's not just that police departments are under political pressure to under-report crime, or wrongly classify more serious offenses under less serious codes:  it's that the news media, nominally independent, are nevertheless deliberately under-reporting the crime situation as well, if not completely ignoring it, in blatant support of an ideological agenda.

An excellent example was provided in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend.  The news media were largely silent about an epidemic of mob violence in one of the city's premier shopping districts, particularly because it apparently involved "youths" of one race in particular.  Second City Cop, one of the primary resources for anyone wanting to know about crime in Chicago, reports:

Once again, the only people reporting (complete with pictures and a bunch of video) about what has been going on downtown this weekend is the Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown blog:
It's been a wild holiday weekend in Chicago, especially in River North and the Magnificent Mile. CWBChicago estimates a minimum of 18 arrests between noon on Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday related to mob activity, battery, and weapons possession.

A number of Mag Mile fight videos from the weekend were sent to CWBChicago. We've included them in this report.

. . .

Police grappled with large groups of teenagers in the Water Tower area on Saturday and Sunday nights. Their efforts were snarled when the CTA apparently fumbled plans to send trainloads of kids out of downtown on express runs.

There's more at the link.

I followed SCC's link to CWB.  Here's some of what they had to say.

Downtown: Overworked Cops Battling Mag Mile Fights, Mayhem Through Weekend

It's been a wild holiday weekend in Chicago, especially in River North and the Magnificent Mile. CWBChicago estimates a minimum of 19 arrests between noon on Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday related to mob activity, battery, and weapons possession.

A number of Mag Mile fight videos from the weekend were sent to CWBChicago. We've included them in this report. The mayhem comes less than a month after similar mob actions were reported on the famed retail strip.

. . .

For years, our team has compiled "highlight" reports of emergency radio traffic heard during Chicago's Pride Parade and St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Now, for the first time, we present a Memorial Day Weekend edition. To be honest, we couldn't figure out any other way to convey the craziness that emergency workers tried their best to contain.

Again, more at the link, including a number of very disturbing video clips of the violence.  (Also, please follow the link included in the excerpt above.  It's equally disturbing.)

Chicago is only one example.  I have contacts, law enforcement and otherwise, in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New Orleans.  In every one of those cities, I'm hearing that the crime and social unrest situation is being seriously under-reported, both by police and by the news media.  It's almost as if the powers that be are determined not to acknowledge the size, scope and scale of the problem.  I would say "I wonder why?", except that we know why - they don't want to admit the failure of liberal, Democratic party government and policies in those cities (and many others) over the past few decades.  The chickens of those years are now coming home to roost.  (To see one aspect of what they've meant in Seattle, for example, see here and here.  Both articles, and the video accompanying the second, are depressing, to say the least.)

If you, dear reader, live in such a city, please be careful;  and, if your circumstances allow, I strongly suggest that you consider moving to a safer place!  Please also see my articles over the past few years about this sort of threat to your and my security:



  1. You may have a point, but I have some personal experience you might want to consider;

    I lived in Washington DC during one of the periods when the Media was running a lot of stories about the 'Murder Capitol'. I was a white guy, living in a border neighborhood, and in the seven years I lived there (other than a crooked or possibly just incompetent contractor) the only crime that was perpetrated on me was my car was broken into. We parked on the street (no choice) and during e blizzard, somebody broke the smallest piece of glass on the vehicle and stole a coat from the back seat.

    Go with God, brother.

    Also; during the same period, in one of the years widely touted as a record breaker for murder, more people in the DC area were killed by running into deer.

    Maybe the Media is underreporting. Maybe they're over-reporting, too. It's often hard to say without feet on the ground.

  2. Part of the underreporting is Fear. Victims and bystanders are scared of the 'loose associations' of certain groups of people, fear of retribution for cooperation, for snitching.

    There is also the fear of being seen as 'bigoted' or ;prejudicial' or 'biased' as they just can't seem to handle the fact that the jouths are violating the viewer's own beliefs in the inherent 'good' of the brawlers.

  3. It's not just violent crime I'm an officer for the police department at a (very) large (60k+ students) university. Last week, one of our officers arrested a guy with >1 lb of marijuana, some THC resin, and other drugs, plus an AR-15, from a traffic stop. A couple of years ago, officers arrested a guy with roughly 10 lbs of marijuana in his car.

    In both cases, the offender was not a student. But no press releases, because the university admin doesn't want it to seem like there's a drug problem at the school.

    But we will do press releases about the DWI who got busted doing 100 mph on a road through campus.

  4. The media also refuses to report which groups cause the most problems. It's not any "YT's" with Confederate Flag caps running around with guns shooting other persona of a diverse group.

  5. I was in Seattle a few weeks ago. The group I was with ALL commented on how many homeless there were.

    I wasn't with them but they saw a homeless guy shooting up, right there in the open.

    On another topic, my latest essay...

  6. Merely our illustrious media following the sterling example of their British comrades in under-reporting the already doctored crime reports.

    "Nothing to see here! Move along, now."

  7. Sometimes you wish the Asian students would just stick to studying engineering, don't you? ;-)

  8. On any given summer day in DC, over 100 shots are fired somewhere in the District. This was only ever reported in the news once. Since it's not new, it's not news.

    Every spring and summer in Baltimore, blacks attack whites. It's completely random, but mostly on sidewalks and buses. They call it 'polar bear hunting.' Perhaps one attack in five gets any real news coverage. And they never, ever mention the races involved.

  9. The above is the primary reason I no longer go into Chicago, especially on the weekends. I know of people that have been mugged in broad daylight on a weekday on Michigan Avenue. I'll stick to telecommuting.