Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Reading the signs: November 2022 will see electoral manipulation like never before


The signs of impending election manipulation on a national scale are all around us, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear them.  It's already manifesting itself in a minor way, and that'll gear up to a hurricane by November.

Consider these recent headlines:

The mainstream media are simply not covering these issues at all.  By ignoring them, and keeping any mention of the questions they raise out of news coverage, they're ensuring that most American voters never hear of these matters, and never have the opportunity to question whether or not their votes are actually being honestly recorded and/or counted.

I still have contacts in the Department of Justice, dating back to my days as a prison chaplain.  Some of those with whom I had contact in those days, in more than one federal agency, have now reached relatively senior rank.  I spoke with a few of them last week, and every one confirmed that there seems to be an air of blithe confidence in the upper reaches of federal government bureaucracy that the Biden administration will be able to continue with its programs, no matter what happens in November.  It's being blatantly referred to as "business as usual, before and after November".  Strange, that, when you read headlines like "Joe Biden and Democrats Stare Into the Abyss After Latest Poll Drops".  It doesn't sound like the progressive left is staring into any abyss that worries them, does it? - particularly when you read the articles linked above.

The way in which progressive pressure groups and funding influenced the November 2020 elections has been analyzed in exhaustive detail.  Here's just one assessment.

What happened in 2020 is cultural and systemic, and sadly, generally legal ... it will happen again.

Two things happened in 2020. First, COVID led to a dismantling of state election integrity laws by everyone except the one body with the constitutional prerogative to change the rules of electing the president – the state legislatures.

Second, the Center for Technology and Civic Life happened.

. . .

The Center for Technology and Civic Life and allied groups are responsible for building an urban get-out-the-vote-machine of the sort that Democrats could only dream up on a bender fueled by jugs of Merlot and all the legalized pot they could smoke.

. . .

Hundreds of millions of private charitable dollars flowed into key urban county election offices in battleground states. The same private philanthropic largess did not reach red counties. Urban counties were able to revolutionize government election offices into Joe Biden turnout machines.

Here’s the best part — All of this is legal. Do not allow your shock and confusion about what happened in 2020 lead you to mislabel all of this as “voter fraud” or “quasi-legal.” The Left excels at making the unprecedented real and the seemingly illegal, legal.

. . .

This also explains how the GOP was so successful everywhere… except at the top of the ticket.  A flood of blue votes gushing out of deep blue urban areas has a statewide effect only for statewide candidates. It doesn’t affect legislative races outside of the cities.

But what about fraud, you might wonder. Sure enough, fraud was a problem ... Mail ballots went to dead people. Mail ballots went to abandoned mines in Nevada. Mail ballots went to vacant lots in Pittsburgh. Mail ballots went in the garbage. Mail ballots were voted by people other than the voter ... By and large, the Democrats succeeded in tossing out state laws related to absentee ballot verification, deadlines and a whole range of laws all in the name of COVID. By and large, GOP efforts in court failed. It was a courtroom bloodbath that created vulnerabilities across the system.

The important point to understand is that elections are messy, and in 2020 hundreds of millions of dollars thrown at lawsuits and at election officials made the 2020 elections the messiest ever.

There's more at the link, and it's all worth reading.

Also worth reading is this in-depth report on what money was spent in the battleground states in 2020, and who it helped:

It's essential information for understanding the 2020 election results - and what the progressive left is planning to do in November 2022.

What's also very telling is the immediate anger from the progressive left that's greeted the Supreme Court's acceptance of a case that may restore Constitutional norms to the certification of a state's electors, putting it back into the hands of that state's Legislature rather than leaving it to bureaucrats and election officials.  Such a step would make it much more difficult to achieve a desired result by subverting - legally or otherwise - the faceless figures who administer elections, who might be "encouraged" to take steps favoring one side or the other.  

The Supreme Court decided on June 30 to hear an important new case that Republicans hope will re-empower state legislatures to make rules for redistricting and governing congressional and presidential elections.

Republicans say the U.S. Constitution has always directly authorized state legislatures to make rules for the conduct of elections, including presidential elections. Democrats say this idea, encompassed by the Independent State Legislature Doctrine, is a fringe conservative legal theory that could endanger voting rights. The Supreme Court has reportedly never ruled on the doctrine.

The doctrine, if endorsed by the high court, could allow state legislatures to select presidential electors in disputed elections, something critics decry as a threat to democracy.

Election law expert J. Christian Adams, a former U.S. Department of Justice civil rights attorney who now heads the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity group, praised the Supreme Court for granting the case, which he said was “very important.”

“It means that the Court may take up all the nonsense that has been occurring over the last 10 years,” Adams told The Epoch Times by email.

In a series of Twitter posts, Democratic Party attorney and election law activist Marc Elias denounced the court’s decision to hear the case.

Again, more at the link.

Tell me . . . why would one political party's "election law activist" be so upset at an attempt to reassert constitutional norms?  Is it because doing so would undo a great deal of the activism that's attempted to bypass, subvert and ignore those norms?  That's my assumption, at any rate.  Think what this could mean if a single city (say, Detroit in Michigan, or Milwaukee in Wisconsin) or a single county (say, Maricopa in Arizona, or Fulton in Georgia) had been so obviously subverted by outside influences that its big block of votes threatened to overturn the democratic will of the people in the rest of the state?  The state legislature could step in, refuse to accept that city's or county's results, and certify the state's Presidential electors and/or Senators on the basis of state-wide results excluding the affected areas - a nightmare for those who'd gone to all that effort to subvert them.  That's why I think Mr. Elias and others of his ilk are angry at the prospect.  I can see no other reason for such a reaction.

Folks, we saw massive electoral manipulation in November 2020.  Call it what you like, legal or illegal, valid or invalid, it's my personal opinion that it amounted to nothing more or less than electoral fraud - a deliberate distortion of the overall popular vote by manipulating certain targeted areas and their voters.  I think what we saw then is a pale shadow of what we're going to see in November 2022.  The powers that be are bound and determined that they're not going to lose control of the House and/or Senate, no matter how unpopular their party may have become;  and they have (or believe they have) the tools to make sure that happens, no matter what the will of the electorate may be.  They're going to use every one of those tools, and then some, to win.  They are already using them, as the articles linked above demonstrate.

As individuals, we can't affect what may happen on a national scale;  but we can affect what happens on a local scale.  If you care about our constitutional republic, and the democratic expression of the will of the people, please get involved.  Volunteer as a poll watcher, or a vote counter, or whatever posts may be available in your area.  Support those who are trying to run the election honestly, and watch like a hawk those who are doing otherwise.  Speak out.  Make sure the election administrators in your area know they're under scrutiny.  Get their names, addresses and other information that may help in future when it comes to dealing with the consequences of any shenanigans.

We know the electoral manipulation tsunami is coming.  Let's start preparing now, so that in its aftermath we can deal with the damage and minimize its long-term effects.  Also, no matter how optimistic the forecasts, don't assume that any side or party has the November 2022 elections "in the bag".  Anything can (and may well) happen between now and then.  I expect the dirty tricks to fly thick and fast before we get to the voting booth.



  1. Your friendly Texas election auditor here.

    Most people don't realize how big the fraud was in 2020. Even the USPS was all in by resetting the image systems data retention from 6 years to one month.

    And 2022 is shaping up to be much worse. Republican primaries in Colorado, Utah, Georgia, New York all questionable. Judges totally ignoring the law. All federal agencies and almost all state agencies comprised. Military too busy promoting Trans-Monkey Pox.

    So this year is the last chance for the ballot box, then it's either the ammo box or the coffin box.

  2. None of the assessment saying it was all legal explains why vote counting was suspended in the middle of the night and resumed with a statistically improbable injection of pro-Biden ballots.

    So what they said may be true, but it doesn't explain the mules and a lot of the other discrepancies. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.

  3. Lots of questions, no good answers... sigh

  4. ...And the mere fact of those questions is sufficiently questionable to require a stern investigation of those involved. That we are still discussing whether-or-not, so long after the fact, is of particular concern.
    We are running out of boxes, both above and below the 49th.
    Mike in Canada

  5. They practiced this in several elections in Venezuela. The opposition parties always just lost to the Bolivaristas until finally the Communists had enough power to ban the opposition.

  6. Well, we - all of us - are aware of this now and if you aren't, you're just blind... or stupid. But what will be done about it? How physical will we have to get to put a stop to these immoral, amoral and evil people from stealing our elections again? We actually know who they are. Ride them out of town on a rail? Sledge hammer all the Dominion machines? Take all those "drop" ballot boxes and toss them into the landfill? Where are the groups and people that will actually do something to stop these anti-American criminals, these haters who are our actual enemies in our midst? Talk is cheap, and that's all I'm seeing right now. I am not optimistic.

  7. I still retain the hope that it is much easier to game a few key districts in a presidential election than it is to game 469 Senate and House races.

    The measure of just how large the conspiracy is will be made this year. The incumbent in the White House has a -20 rating with only a 38% approval rating, according to composite polling data. Historically, Presidents below 50% approval see their party lose 37 House seats, on average. With numbers that low, you can expect the Dems to lose between 29 and 50 seats in the House, and 6 to 10 seats in the Senate.

    It would be unprecedented if the Democrats manage to GAIN seats in this election under these conditions, and IMO would make it certain that there are shenanigans in the electoral process.

  8. if that is true, then eventually elections will be completely ignored; followed by people refusing to go along with a government that is illegal, illegitimate, and obviously a sham and a pathetic joke. that will be followed by tyranny and then 1776v2.0

  9. And that, ontoiran, is why they want you disarmed.

  10. The "Zuckerberg Charity Stooge" also happens to have a background as the previously elected Clerk and Recorder for Jefferson County, one of the most populous counties (500,000+) in Colorado. Tina Peters was clerk for Mesa County (population ~150,000).

    Anderson (the "Stooge") was also City Clerk for Wheat Ridge, CO (a city in Jefferson County).

    She states that "Anderson came back from 15 points down to win by 20", but strangely fails to cite any poll, which isn't surprising because there wasn't any.

    Given that the other article was written by the same author, I'll assume an a priori stance that it, too, is trash "journalism".