Friday, January 22, 2016

OK, all you bacon lovers . . .

. . . get a load of this!

According to the Telegraph:

When Chris O’Connor spotted a 'For Sale’ announcement in his local paper 10 years ago, a food venture was his very first idea.

. . .

The 'stuff’ O’Connor tinkered with in the kitchen quickly became Eat 17’s calling card. 'Burgers have always been our menu’s bestsellers,’ he explains, 'and I started to serve them with homemade onion marmalade and crispy bacon. One day I thought, hey, why don’t we just mix them together – it’ll save space at least!’

Within a month his 'bacon jam’, a salty-sweet relish made with smoked British rashers, had been jarred up for the shop – where it promptly sold out. 'One of our loyal customers, a designer, fell in love with it and created the label. It snowballed from there.’

Snippets in the local press led to a slot on The Jonathan Ross Show and Tesco buyers on the phone. Eat 17 Bacon Jam is now made in Wales, but O’Connor has since developed chorizo ('some people say it’s even better than the original’), straight onion, and chilli versions, in updated packaging (the work of another local customer).

. . .

'I want to get my chorizo, bacon and blue-cheese dip on the shelves by the summer,’ says O’Connor.

There's more at the link.

Would you believe it's already available on in the USA?  So are Eat 17's chili bacon jam, chorizo jam and onion jam.

Dang . . . now I'm hungry!



Cedar said...

One of the first posts for ETWYRT was Marko Kloos' crepes with maple bacon onion jam. Truly a unique experience!

Judy said...

Now to kick it up a notch...Bourbon Bacon Jam

Recipe links:
This one uses maple syrup and chipotles
This one is simplistic, but sounds good
This one is half way between the two

Happy cooking and eating!

Judy said...

Bad link for the simplistic one

Sorry about that guys!

sanford begley said...

I'm really sort of Meh on bacon jam, it isn't my sort of thing. I'll take my bacon fresh off the griddle and choose a jam based on mood thank you

Ajdshootist said...

I went shopping in my local big Tesco's at 2.30 in the afternoon today and managed to get the last jar took me 30 min to find it but im going to try it later when i get round to eating something havent eaten yet today,trouble is my 4th major stroke killed my sense of hunger will let you know what i think of it later will offer some to the local muslims i know.

Anonymous said...

US version ordered for Sib-n-Sib-in-law's anniversary. Along with candied bacon jerky.


Ajdshootist said...

I just tried it wonderful i could have just eaten the lot defenatly going to try the others will take into my local Turkish bread shop 2moro and spread it on my favorite flat bread with chesse and i will put it on with some slice's of Salarmi as well while have my coffee.