Monday, August 31, 2015

An entirely different sort of cat-fish!

Two men went fishing on the Black Warrior River in Alabama over the weekend.  What they caught wasn't what they expected.

Who the hell would be so cruel as to abandon kittens in a place like that?  I hope their rescuers took care of them, and found them new homes.



Anonymous said...

Always good to see a happy ending! :)

Those two fellows have some friends for life!

HeroHog said...

For a cat to jump in a lake and swim that far out to humans in a boat shows how desperate they must have been. Pretty smart too. I hope they were fed and found their "forever" home.

raven said...

That video shows southern grace!

Cedar said...

Oh, that's so cute! And I'm a sucker for Marmalades. Such friendly little babies, too, someone should be ashamed.

BigFire said...

According to the links in the video's comments, some folks was wondering why they brought their kittens to fishing. After they got back ashore, there was a family with little girls that falls in love with these two kittens and adopted them right on the spot. So that's a happy ending.