Monday, August 24, 2015


Received via e-mail, original source unknown:



Murphy's Law said...

That's just wrong...but I laughed.

Larry said...

Just wait till she's a teenager....

al said...

Reminds me of a joke (many variations exist)

In the old days in Finland, all young men had to go through some rites of
passage to show that they were REAL FINNISH MEN. The usual set consisted of
three tests: 1) Empty a full bottle of vodka without pause, 2) Go out in the
forest to kill a bear with bare hands, and 3) rape a woman.

When Pekka had reached the age of the rites of passage, he had no trouble
at all with the vodka. He disappeared into the forest, and came back three
days later, with clothes torn and blood dripping from several wounds. Then
he said: "Now where's the woman I have to kill?"

Anonymous said...

I know I saw the website that was from somewhere. There is a series of images, a sequence of the young man with a different female monster, ending in a some drawings of him with all the females and their kids.

Borepatch said...

Well, that story looks like it's front runner for a Hugo award ...

DoesNotMatter said...

That is the Bard by this artist:

His work is a bit risque but the site helpfully has some javascript blur thingy over the breastly bits (Which you can dismiss).

The Bard is a series of images dealing with the Bard and his tendency to, er, stick it successfully into a wide variety of of traditional fantasy monsters.

Considering that the Bard is also an absent father of the n-th degree, usually unaware of his success, the artist has a rather forward humor and a refreshing attitude to fantasy tropes I don't think a Hugo Award is in the offing.