Monday, August 17, 2015

If you're not already carrying a gun, ask yourself: "Why not?"

I presume most of my readers are already adequately armed for their own defense, and that many of you living in urban areas already carry a firearm for that purpose.  If you don't, I'd like to encourage you to seriously consider doing so from now onward.  In case you haven't noticed, things are getting nasty in cities across the nation.  A few examples:

Akron, OH:  'Ohio Cops Hunt 70 Juveniles In Late Night "Mob And Rob" Of Circle K Store'
"An Akron Police Department report ... noted that the juveniles 'entered business to destroy property' and that 'misc merchandise damaged and stolen'."

Fred Reed:  'Applied Racial Anencephaly: Making Things Worse'
"A casual glance at headlines around the internet on almost any day [provides] a clue to the seriousness of things:
Black lives Matter Protest Turns Violent in Texas
Anniversary of Michael Brown’s Death Brings Gunfire in Ferguson
Farrakhan. We Must Rise UP and Kill Those Who Kill Us. Stalk Them and Kill Them
Sandra Bland Protest: All White People Should Be Killed
Does this sound like a road to a happy ending?"

IBD:  'ISIS Organizing Small Armies Inside America'
"The busts bring to 70 the number of IS-inspired terrorists arrested in this country in homeland plots.  Meantime, the FBI reports that all 56 of its field offices have active investigations against other IS suspects."

Problems such as these are becoming more widespread across the nation.  If you're caught up in one, and are unable to defend yourself or your loved ones . . . let's just say you won't be happy, and neither will they.

I know some people say that in the event of a major crime, you won't be able to defend yourself anyway with just a handgun:  but that's hypothetical.  You may find it's all you need.  I can assure you that in my (extensive) experience of crime and violence, many people have found that attackers will often flee rather than face a determined, armed defender.  What's more, possessing a smaller weapon and being trained and experienced in its use sometimes enables one to obtain a more effective one from the body of an attacker.  There's a lot to be said for that.

Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin has reminded us of a time-honored truth:  "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away".  You have no-one to rely on but yourself.



Jim22 said...


As an NRA instructor I would like to make an observation on top of yours. Everyone should be armed for their self-defense. Those same people should attend training sessions so they will know safety, the law in their area, gun handling and cleaning, and basic tactical thinking. They should become aware of their levels of consciousness and that they can and should remain in the 'Aware' state sometimes referred to as 'Condition yellow'.

There are lots of good training schools. People should start with the basics. Women should seek out the NRA's 'Women on Target' for the basics.

Thank you.

JB said...

What can those of us who live in countries such as Korea, where private gun ownership isn't an option, do? "Don't live in Korea", while clear, isn't an option. Not whining, just asking.

Anonymous said...

JB-- Get a gun anyway, keep it locked in a safe place and never tell anyone about it. Join a hunting club in your area for shooting practice (with one of their guns, on site). Only retrieve your gun in case of home invasion to defend your life. Hopefully this never happens. If it does, your use of deadly force should be covered by your right to self-defense, although you will still be punished for possession of an unlicensed firearm.

(I'm not a lawyer and I have no idea about the law in Korea, so my opinion may not be worth much.)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Gripes my cheap soul to fork over $158 to the Sheriff's office so I can "legally" do what I've always done. Still, given the changing times, I probably will spend the money.

Peter said...

@JB: In other countries, you're restricted by their legal system and social customs. Having been in more than a few countries where private firearms ownership was very strictly regulated, if not entirely illegal, I'm able to say with some confidence that the 'bad guys' ignore such laws and get their hands on any weapons they can, particularly firearms. If I were in your shoes, I'd do the same.

If firearms truly aren't an option, consider what weapons you might be able to buy legally. What about crossbows? They aren't melée weapons - in a close-up fight, one shot's all you've got - but that one shot can put down a leader, or put a real hurt on a troublemaker. After that, what about a couple of machetes, or hatchets, or a traditional/customary spear or sword? In Korea that would be a geom. For more information about historical Korean weapons, see:

Don't forget physical fitness and unarmed combat skills. However, don't forget also that the fittest, strongest, most skilled combatant in the world can be laid low by someone with a single-shot firearm.

Anonymous said... a close-up fight, one shot's all you've got - but that one shot can put down a leader, or put a real hurt on a troublemaker.

Take heed of Peter's words.

I have a couple as clients (among other things, I'm also an instructor) who live in a legally non-permissive locale, one which has occasionally erupted into random, but locally concentrated, violence. The laws allow them to own rifles much more easily than handguns, and the type of rifle is restricted - nothing that will accept a replaceable magazine that could hold more than 10 rounds (handguns in their jurisdiction have a similar 10-round limit - possession of a magazine for a legally-owned handgun of greater than 10-round capacity reclassifies that handgun as a "machine gun").

They elected to do two things: obtain suitable handguns and procure "legally acceptable" rifles. Their situation led to 357 magnum lever guns - quality revolvers and, after much web-scouring, Marlin 1894 rifles in 357/38 Special. They wound up buying 4 rifles because the fastest reload is "pick up a second loaded gun."

Revolver cartridges - such as 38 Special, 357 Magnum, the 44s (Special and Magnum) and 45 Colt - gain several hundred feet per second of velocity when fired from a 16' - 20" barrel over a 4"-6" revolver. The 357 becomes a very effective 125-140 yard cartridge with a longer barrel (semi-automatic pistol cartridges don't get the same velocity gain due to the burn rate of powders used for semi-autos). This couple does precisely what Anon 3:37PM suggests - practice in the middle of a herd (of gun owners) at a gun club some distance from their living area.

Pro tip: Wild West Guns in Anchorage makes outstanding ghost ring sights for lever rifles.

Faced with a sufficiently severe social disturbance to warrant their employment, their tools, and their practice with them, allows them to command a 100-125 yard radius. In our training sessions they've drilled running 50 yards, picking up a loaded rifle and using a convenient steadying rest (such as a solid vertical post to simulate a door or window frame) both consistently manage 75-80% hits on an 8.5X11 inch piece of paper at 100 meters with 1.8 - 2.5 second splits. Only 11 rounds in the gun and it's slow to reload? Second rifle.

Even with a 60% hit rate, 22 rounds produces 13 hits, and can be done in about 45 seconds. It's a rare mob that will withstand loss of 13 people in the front rows and still maintain its destructive purpose. (It has been pointed out that when the mob turns and runs whatever leaders remain will now be at the rear of the group, and will remain targets for as long as they are within range; if they are dealt with at the outset they will not have to be dealt with later.)

Second Pro Tip: In such an environment it is beneficial to rent rather than own - it allows simpler relocation. Speak with an attorney about creating a corporation for financial insulation when renting.

Consider your situation, what hazards it contains, and devise a suitable means of countering them.

JK Brown said...

Keep in mind, in Chattanooga, the police were in high speed pursuit. They weren't dependent upon a 911 call, or blocks away. They were chasing at high speed in concerted effort to catch the shooter. And still, he was able to kill 5 individuals because no one in front of him was allowed to be armed.

skidmark said...

@JB at 3:05 PM -

A gun is just the most effective and efficient way to handle things. There are alternatives and "substitutes" galore.

When I traveled top non-permissive countries one of the first stops I made was to the local hardware store. *cough cough screwdriver and putty knife cough cough* plus sandpaper. And a hammer. It does not give you the stand-off distance a gun might, but those tools and a good corner to put your back in might make life last longer.

As Peter said, the weapon is in your head. The other stuff just makes it easier.

Minor home repairs for the win!

stay safe.

JB said...

Thank you, everyone.