Thursday, October 15, 2015

A final day of fun before heading home

Miss D. and I had a final day of fun and relaxation yesterday in Wichita Falls, Texas, before packing our bags and beginning the long journey homeward.  According to Google Maps, it's about a 12-hour run (plus stops) from here to our home, so we may not do it all in one day.  We'll see how tired we are along the road.

Today was spent idly looking at a few local properties, at the urging of friends here who keep making noises about wanting us to become 'proper Texans';  visiting with Old NFO, Lawdog and Phlegmmy;  and just relaxing and enjoying the place.  Wichita Falls and its surrounding towns are interesting.  The local economy isn't great, and the current slowdown in the oil industry isn't helping at all, but there are interesting reminders that the Old West cattle industry once dominated here (cattle shipping and transfer points;  cutting horses advertised for sale - yes, they're still bred and trained here for modern cowboys;  and the biggest cattle guards I've ever seen on pickups.  I keep expecting to find some topped off with a set of longhorns!).

Please keep us in your prayers for traveling safety.  I've scheduled a couple of posts to pop up during the day to keep you entertained, and I'll update you on our progress tonight or tomorrow morning.



Joe Wooten said...


Granbury might be a nice place to move to if you are thinking about Texas. I lived there for almost 20 years while working at the Comanche Peak nuke plant. I have come to regret leaving there in 1997, even though moving to Illinois was a career boost. Author Taylor Anderson (Destroyermen) lives there too.

OTOH, if you are looking for the most conservative place in America, Try Glasscock County in West Texas where I grew up, recognized as the most republican county in the US. Not much there besides cotton farming and the oil patch though.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Killeen, TX about a year ago. You are right; the local economy isn't great any where in Texas! You have to have a great job or you aren't going to make it. Or if you are retired; you might get by if you have a well stocked retirement plan.
PS; if the grandkids weren't here; I would be up near Weatherford, TX.

Judy said...

My jaundiced view. - It's Texas, no big whoop. There are better states, with better gun rights and better employment opportunities. Based on y'all's messed up bones, Arizona would be a better choice. Stay below The Rim for warm weather in the winter.