Saturday, October 31, 2015

Anything can be a toy if you use your imagination

I love the way this bird has fun with a paper towel.

It reminds me of our cat.  She'll treat almost anything as a toy.  Most recently she's decided that pens are playthings, so whenever Miss D. or I are writing something, we have to watch out for a questing paw coming out of nowhere, trying to bat the pen out of our hand.  Irritating, sometimes . . . but also cute.



Old NFO said...

Considering some of 'our' playtoys, that's really not that weird... LOL

HeroHog said...

Ya don't have to mod approve this but I thought ya might get a giggle out of it seeing as this reminded me of it...
Despite the image file's name, the worst thing shown is small text spelling the word "dildo."

SiGraybeard said...

I don't really know birds, but jumping up and down looks like a lot of excitement. "Oh, boy... oh, boy..." Is that it?

Like a cat with a box or paper bag.

Freedom said...

I've had two green cheek conures, very similar to the sun conure in the video. The favorite plaything of both was a paper towel.