Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hotel weirdness

A Reddit thread asks, "Hotel workers of Reddit, what is the strangest thing you've seen guests doing?"  The answers are sometimes nauseating, sometimes obscene, sometimes weird, and sometimes just plain funny.  A selection:

We had a guest we ended up calling "Pie Guy" - he would come into the hotel without a reservation, pay in cash + the $100 cash deposit and the next day we would find his bathroom and bathtub full of the remains of several expensive pies. He never came to the desk for his deposit, as he knew he wouldn't be getting it back. We added his name to our "do not rent" list but he kept coming back and using different names. One time we found a torn up list in his room with the words "pie" and "pants" scribbled over and over again.

. . .

The wildest drunks were the folks in town for a sheep farmer convention.

. . .

Not really a guest, but we had hosted a reptile expo in one of our regency ballrooms over the weekend. The day after they left I stumbled across an almost paralyzed Crested Gecko. I started panicking because I knew nothing about reptiles but I figured it was so easy to catch because it was cold. I used the heat lamp we had in our kitchen to warm it up for a little bit and then just held it until we got a hold of the correct pet shop who was missing the gecko. But they said they weren't going to make a 5 hour trip for one gecko and said we could keep it. So that's the story of how my front desk manager got a free Crested Gecko.

. . .

We had to kick some burger convention attendees out when they dumped mayo and relish into the hot tub.

. . .

So late one night, I was walking with my friend the security guard on one of the top floors of the hotel. As we were talking, we rounded the corner when we see someone dart out from the ice machine alcove on the far end of the hall. My friend the security guard immediately runs after him and I follow close behind. As we approach the dead end of the hall, we notice someone hiding behind the recess of the wall into the last set of rooms on the floor. The man steps out and we see quite possibly the strangest get up I've ever seen on a man: he was wearing a short, see-through night gown, complete with fish net stockings and high heels. And makeup. He immediately apologizes and runs to his room three doors down.

How he was able to run so fast in high heels, I have no clue... Makes me wonder if he's had practice at that before.

. . .

We once had a couple check in at reception and they were given a park and display permit for their car. The hotel only had 3 car parking spaces which are usually reserved during booking. Others have to park on the streets around the hotel, displaying the permits which are provided at cost by the local council.

About 40 minutes later the husband comes to reception shouting and complaining that he's received a parking ticket and the permit he was given was obviously no good. We couldn't understand why, there was no way the permit wasn't valid. We asked, did he display it in the window as we had told him to do?

He said of course. He put it in the window as soon as got upstairs to the room. That's when we realised he'd put it in the bedroom window and not the car window.

There's much more at the link.  Cringe-worthy, giggle-worthy, and strange!



Anonymous said...

Ha! Excellent. Some very amusing stories there.

Reminds me of an similar favorite from Doctors I've seen around the web:
Things I Learn from my Patients

gunfreezone said...

I worked at a brand hotel and have my share of weird stories.
We got a call that a naked man had been seen running in a hallway. I got dispatched and indeed found one guy in the stairwell wearing nothing but a sock...on his privates. I asked him what was going on and he responded that he was locked out of his room. The procedure in those cases is to ask for ID and call the front desk for confirmation, but obviously he could not produce a drivers license. I took him to his room and he did produce ID which confirmed he was the guest.
Now how did he get locked out? He was an out of town rep for some company at a convention nearby. He picked some hot young latino chick who had warned him he did not date married men. The guy being guy lied and said he was divorced. Just to be sure he was not interrupted by his wife or kids, he turned off his cellphone. After the mutual carnal knowledge with young hot latina, the guy went to the bathroom and tragedy struck: He forgot about the room phone....and it was the wife calling. You can imagine what was said between the women.
Hot Latino Chick proceeded to lose her mind so completely that the butt naked guest left the room and only could manage to get a black sock. Hot Latino Chick go dressed, got out of the room and made sure the door was closed behind her.
Although we were supposed to call the cops, this guy was about to face such a load of hell from the wife, jail would just be a vacation so we forego the 911 and he was grateful but not enough to leave a tip.
I hope he got taken to the cleaners by her divorce lawyer.

Eric Wilner said...

Stuff like that makes me feel like some... oh... squeaky-clean 1950s stereotype by comparison.
I guess some of us are just born square?