Friday, January 13, 2017

Gun fu with the Dalai Lama

Over at Recce Room, blogger Usagi has assembled a great collection of Dalai Lama memes centered around self-defense and firearms.  They're a hoot!  My personal favorite:

There are plenty more at the link.  Click over there and enjoy them.



Jim said...

I saw those yesterday on his blog and immediately forwarded them all to my friends. They were a big hit.

Uncle Lar said...

If armed with a revolver and potentially facing multiple assailants a double tap makes sense.
Even more so would be a single shot to each threat followed by a quick assessment before further action.

Anonymous said...

As is most commonly the case, the Dalai has it absolutely correct -

An excellent example would be in the case of the gun-shop owner/operator in GA who came out on top recently over two would-be armed-robbery scroats - as we saw in the surveillance-video clips, he emptied the magazine, then re-loaded and kept it up until the second assailant exited the scene (rapidly), with the first one DRT* on the shop floor. Then, both he and his assistant, freshly-loaded weapons in hand, advanced carefully into the recent combat-zone and did a check-out of the remains...

(* the Dalai would have it, his "soul found peace".)

Usagi said...

Thank you again for the tip of the hat. These were too funny not to share. I'm teaching a Rifle class this weekend and plan to use some of them.