Thursday, January 26, 2017

Last weekend's women's marches in perspective

I found the tweet below, referring to last weekend's women's march in Washington, via a link on Instapundit this morning.  Regrettably, the picture accompanying it is, at best, not safe for work;  personally, I found it disgusting.  I'm not prepared to post it here.  If you'd like to see it, follow either of the links above.

Can you imagine how the women in these other countries must feel?  Watching us parade ourselves around in the nations capital, wearing vagina costumes with our nice, clean clothes underneath, drinking our clean, bottled water, with a stomach full of food, while protesting how horrible our lives are.  Meanwhile they've had their babies ripped from them, while we're screaming for the right to kill ours.  They can't even feel parts of their body because it's been mutilated to keep them from feeling sexual pleasure, while we're screaming about our "sexual health" being threatened.  We're walking up and down the streets screaming profanities towards men, when they would be executed on the spot for simply trying to speak in the presence of a man, or make their voices heard.  What an embarrassment we've become.

The author isn't joking about how women are treated in such societies.  Even after the so-called 'Arab Spring' uprisings, sexual violence by men against women remains predominant (do a search on Google for yourself, if you like).  I've traveled in a number of countries where female genital mutilation is common, and I've seen at first hand how women are treated there.  The feminist idiots parading themselves around Washington last weekend have no idea what violence against women really means.

I'm forced to wonder whether the progressive left in this country are under the impression that if enough of them scream at the top of their voices against President Trump, for long enough, they can provoke an 'Arab Spring'-type uprising here, and topple him from power.  If so, they're sadly deluded . . . but they won't stay that way for long.  There are a lot of us - probably a lot more of us than of them - who value our constitutional republic, and intend to ensure that it remains intact.  They see a lot of people in the streets, screaming and shouting and beating and burning and breaking things, as 'speaking truth to power'.  We see it as 'a target rich environment', particularly when their beating and burning and breaking things spills over onto us and our families and our possessions;  and many of us are well equipped to make it so.  They might want to take that into account in their future plans . . .



bruce said...

aside from the really out there loons there is a population of woman who fear restricted reproductive health care. They can also believe woman's rank in America is still one below mens.
I think it would do a world of good to see Trump placate these women with reassurance that their position in America's society is never going to degrade, that he intends to see woman's equal rights carried on.
No matter where you come down on the issue, perceived and real unequal position is cause for correction.
Now, the abortion laws are what they are, talk of abolishing that law does no good. The dismantling of Planed Parenthood is seen as another attack on women. Instead of dismantling, a truthful analysis and prevention of misguided practices would do no harm to anyone. In so doing create an atmosphere that everyone can breath easier in.

Old NFO said...

Concur. They do not realize how GOOD they have it here, despite all their so called issues... Perception does NOT equal reality, regardless of how loud one screams!

Anonymous said...

Women can't have it both ways. They cannot demand unrestricted reproductive care--especially in regard to free contraception and the right to kill their unborn, some of which is funded by taxpayers--and at the same time demand that the government stay out of their reproductive business. They can't demand total freedom while abrogating all personal responsibility.

Looking over some of the footage of these "nasty women" (who said there wasn't truth in advertising?), facts and logic are going to get us precisely nowhere. For the truth to have any effect on them, it would require them to be willing to see the truth. Considering this whole march was founded on bigotry, lies, and a healthy dose of narcissism, the odds for that happening are not good.

Anonymous said...

This is and always has been about unbridled sexual you-are-not-the boss-of-me autonomy.

They reject and resent any slight trace of anything that could indicate a moral constraint. As they scream in rage they are writhing in guilt because The God Who is there is not silent. They resent any possibility that there is some objective standard, while all the time appealing to one. Sin is noetic in its effect, and includes degrading the ability to reason.

Uncle Lar said...

Bruce, sorry but being sensible and trying to reason with the militant feminists gets us nowhere.
The honorable amongst us have already tried that and everything we offer is never enough. Any effort at conciliation simply causes them to raise their shrieks to ever higher fevered pitch.
Nothing short of Trump committing sepuku on live TV would satisfy them, and then minutes later they'd be demanding that Pence do the same.
One of these fine ladies got escorted off an airplane for pitching a fit at a fellow passenger for no other reason that he admitted he'd been to DC to attend the inauguration. Among other things the idea of Trump having the nuclear button horrified her. When I heard that tidbit I could not help but imagine how it would be if ill and incompetent Hillary were in that position instead.
There is no reasoning with these radical feminists. It's not about equality for them, it's all about total dominance over even the slightest vestige of masculinity.

Anonymous said...

This video clip fairly rips into the attitudes and stupidity of the womens march attitudes. WARNING! Tommy Sotomayor uses language that would NOT be acceptable at the Vicars tea party ...

Yep - wimmin haz it bad, eh?

Phil B

VFM #7916 said...

Leave them to their cats. Don't wife up a 30+ wall hittin' carousel rider, no matter how desperate you are.

Work on support and education of young women. Graphically show them the wages of feminism. Show them the ugliness, the unhappiness, the bitter spite.

Emphasize that happiness is femininity, marriage, 0-1+ sexual partners, staying married, and having children while being a homemaker and homeschooler. Support your friends that have this kind of lifestyle, and don't worry about those who don't, because they're likely to get divorced anyway.

Tonerboy said...

I was looking at a group of pics of the "party leftovers" and noticed that a large trash can was stuffed with Starbucks coffee cups and fancy water bottles. I'm guessing the BMWs and Audis were parked in the overpriced garage close by.

Anonymous said...

We can always point to someone who has it so much worse. That doesn't mean from our own perspective that things are good.

I'm not worried about the march, or angry about it. What we're seeing is a reaction. Whether or not it instead becomes an action remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

Chateau Heartiste hit the nail on the head when he described them as "half a million cat ladies and emotionally frazzled wine-chugging cock hoppers with NO LEGITIMATE GRIEVANCES WHATSOEVER".

Joseph said...

I believe the "far left"(the demonstrators, the celebrities, the politicians,publishers and educators) and others that espouse far left ideologies, are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Why? Because everybody except themselves see them as nothing but petulant, destructive children. They need to go stand in the corner until the temper tantrum is over.