Friday, February 25, 2011

Illegal aliens with impeccable taste!

I had to laugh at the tale of nine illegal aliens who tried to smuggle themselves across the English Channel in the very best style.

Illegal immigrants tried to smuggle themselves into the country by hiding in the body shells of £275,000 [about US $442,750] Rolls Royces, it was revealed today.

The nine men were discovered by a sniffer dog at Calais Port, France, in a German lorry heading for the luxury car maker in Goodwood, West Sussex.

The stowaways, from the African country of Eritrea, were handed to the French border police and the lorry was allowed to continue on its way.

Rolls Royce Motor Cars today confirmed the lorries usually carry four car body shells and they would have been for either their Rolls Royce Ghost or Phantom.

The Ghost costs around £200,000 [about US $322,000] and the Phantom £275,000 [about US $442,750]. Stephen Fabman-Beker, from the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club, said: 'The immigrants have certainly got good taste.'

There's more at the link.

Very classy! One wonders if they'll try to disguise themselves as tins of caviar next? How about hiding among crates of champagne, or tubs of truffles?


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FrankC said...

I am horrified to discover that Rolls Royce import the body shells for their cars. It goes against all that is holy ... (wanders off dribbling insanely.)