Monday, March 28, 2022

Doofus Of The Day #1,090


For your edification (?), here's a tweet sent out last week.  Clickit to biggit.

Er . . . um . . . ah . . .

Would someone please explain to me how a man male human being, lacking a uterus, uterine muscles and a uterine nervous system, can POSSIBLY feel period cramps?

Anyone? . . . Bueller? . . .

I've heard of sympathetic pregnancy, but this is just too ridiculous for words!

Oh, well.  I'm sure he/she/it can write an article about it, and make some money out of it.  Dare I say it could be published in . . . wait for it . . . a periodical?


(Edited to add:  In case you were wondering where I stand on the issue, I entirely agree with Brandon Smith's views on the transgender brouhaha.)


Amahl_Shukup said...

Maybe a good bowel movement would help.

lee n. field said...

"The emperor's attire is magnificent! Don't you agree?"

Tank Killer said...

Probably an upcoming article in the American Journal of Medicine, right?" Unbelievable, the number of people with serious mental abnormalities these days.

SiGraybeard said...

I thought that was the headline of the day. Story of the day.

How can someone without any of the necessary "hardware" have that problem? Extreme delusion or extreme constipation?

I suppose it could be something real, like dysentery or cancer (God forbid), but I'm going with mental illness.

stencil said...

"Why do we let people live like this?"

Why, indeed.

MarkInKansas said...

It had to have been satire.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Rolling my eyes so hard from here at this nonsense. That is complete and total bullshirt.

XTphreak said...

she/they obviously needs a can of plexiglass cleaner.

Why you ask?

To clean the porthole.

What porthole you ask?

The one surgically installed in she/they's belly.

Why a surgically implanted porthole in she/they's belly?

Why to be able to see.

Why a porthole installed in she/they's belly to see?

Because of the obvious vision limitations involved in she/they's recto-cranial insertion.

Greg said...

Florence King used to claim that her first published piece of writing was for a true confessions magazine titled "I Committed Adultery in a Diabetic Coma". I have to wonder what Ms. King would think of the raging insanity we have all around us now.
It's part of why I stopped reading science fiction so many years ago. Fiction has to make sense and be somewhat plausible, the stuff we read in the "nooz" has no such constraints.

Tracy Coyle said...

Given I read the original posting AND the subsequent comments, you make a good point. And many of the people commenting on the post called it out as just plain stomach cramps. The 'delusion' that it had to do with phantom menstrual cramps was just that, a delusion.

The community doesn't believe in the idea that just because you are on HRT you will therefore menstruate or become genetically female. Even if some individual 'believes' it.

Steve S said...

One comment apparently said gastro distress from Taco Bell didn't count.

TwoDogs said...

Points and laughs. Ha Ha. Moron.

Bob NC said...

It could also that...she/he/ it... is making it up to get the desired attention and affirmation that anyone who is mentally ill enough to undergo the surgery probably needs from the social media underworld.

Yeah, I'm going with that. It would be interesting to see some data on how many of these poor loonies regret their surgery. Funny how we don't hear anything about that in the media; though give the level of their trustworthiness, I wouldn't believe any "data" they had anyway.

About the only accurate thing is her Twitter name- predicts her future.

JaimeInTexas said...

Posted this before, in the wrong thread. Sorry!

Maybe it should check for:
Urinary tract infection, Kidney infection/decease, kidney stones, enlarged prostate, cancer, etc.

I wonder if gynecologists in these days are being trained in tactile checking of prostrate glands.

STxAR said...

Did I read that pronoun correctly? She-it Hey!

Skwab said...

Bob in NC. If you are interested, Look up "De-Transitioning" Vids on Ewe-Tube. Plenty of Surgically mutilated folks regretting what they did very publicly.
Sad Stories from people who believed a lie, and paid for it with their lives. Oh, they're still living but with horrible consequences. (Most will never reproduce)
The Whole Trans thing is really an attempt to scam vulnerable Tween/Teen girls into throwing away the ability to get pregnant. It targets smarter, Middle class girls who would normally form the foundations for families. Instead, they mutilate themselves for a phantom mental illness. Notice that most Lower Class girls do not fall for this Clap-Trap, as they have harder lives and little emotional energy to spare for this drama. The Only L/C Folks who get into this are mostly boys, who become "Fabulous" Drag Performers, as it is a step up for them.

So Much disfunction, all aimed at destroying the productive classes. It is Not an Accident.

Magson said...

MAybe s/he/it have IBS or Crohn's Disease or appendicitis (or other abdominal malady), but is choosing to think it's "feminine problems" instead?

ruralcounsel said...

And this is why so many people believe trans women (male sex, female gender) are mentally ill. This is clearly all in their heads.

Tracy Coyle said...

ruralcounsel: you are right, it is all in our heads - the hormonal sensitivity built into the brain structures were screwed up. Gender identity is in the HEAD, not between the legs.