Monday, January 26, 2009

Why does this never happen to me?

I'm infuriated to read of the good fortune of a group of roadside workers in Indiana. Why does this never happen to me?

There's been an amazing find by Indiana state workers in Hancock County.

Three workers cleaning up debris and old tires along Interstate 70 found over $100,000 in cash.

The money was packaged in a very large truck tire. Indiana State Police say the tire was packed the way drug money would be.

The money was found in a ditch just west of the Mount Comfort Road exit. Police say the workers should be commended for their honesty and professionalism.

I hope the workers get the money if no-one claims it: but I suspect the police will try to keep it on suspicion that it's drug money.

Now, if I'd found it . . . can you imagine the scale of the next blogger get-together? Complete with our very own private shooting-range for the day, and a by-invitation-only bloggers-and-friends evening at the best restaurant in town? Free air tickets provided for out-of-town bloggers, of course.



phlegmfatale said...

I truly hope you find one of those tyres, Peter!

Dan said...

You're just going to have to look harder. I'll keep my eyes open around here and maybe one of us will get lucky.

Old NFO said...

They won't see a penny- as you alluded to, it will confiscated as drug $$.

El Paso Mark said...

"Indiana State Police say the tire was packed the way drug money would be."

Gee, do ya think!?



Murphy said...

Two thoughts.

1) We had a squad that recovered a sizable sum of money in Iraq. They turned it in, as well, but the running joke whenever I saw that squad's squad-leader was, 'so, how much was ORIGINALLY in the trunk when you opened it up...?'


2) Indiana Road Trip, here I come!