Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fever dreams . . .

I woke up in the small hours of this morning running a fever - no idea how high, but I was shivering like crazy.  Miss D. wrapped me up warmly and put me back to bed, and I've spent most of the day resting, trying to shake off whatever this is.  (I suspect it's something from the darkest recesses of the hall closet that I cleaned out on Sunday.)

I just don't have much energy right now, so I won't be posting much tonight.  I'll try to put up more in the morning.  Until then, sleep well, y'all.



Borepatch said...

Get better soon, Peter

drjim said...


Hope you feel better soon!

My wife's been down all day with what sounds like the same thing.

And when I got home from work (YAY! Only 5 weeks to retirement!) today she said I didn't look good, and Dr. Mom pronounced me "warm and clammy".

Uh-oh.....am I next?

JaneofVirginia said...


Feel better soon !

Timbo said...

Ever had malaria?

TheAxe said...

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Don't disturb the sleeping tsetse flies next time.

Feel better.


Rev. Paul said...

Get well soon, my friend. And quickly! :)