Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vertigo in 3... 2... 1...

Here's a rider's eye view of Goliath, the newest roller coaster ride at Six Flags Great America theme park in Chicago.  Wikipedia says of this roller coaster:

It was designed by Rocky Mountain Construction and opened to the public on June 19, 2014. With the opening, the ride set three world records for wooden roller coasters: Drop length, drop steepness, and speed. It features the longest drop at 180 feet (55 m), the steepest drop at 85°, and the fastest speed at 72 miles per hour (116 km/h).

There's more at the link.

They're not joking about that steep drop.  Even watching it on a computer screen, I felt giddy!  I suggest you view it in full-screen mode.



Kris said...

I say...meh. Millennium Force at Cedar Point has a 310 ft, 45-degree lift hill with a 300 ft drop and features two tunnels, three overbanked turns, and four hills. It has a top speed of 93 mph.

Plus it isn't a wooden roller coaster that makes your brain hurt from all the vibration. Steel tube coasters all the way!!

Stretch said...

Ah, the steel tube vs. wooden frame debate.
Like the Carolina vs. tomato BBQ argument it's always fun to "do research."

skreidle said...

That's seriously impressive for a wood coaster -- I've never seen inversion on wood! (The Intimidator 305 at King's Dominion in VA is 305 feet tall, but it's steel!)

LCB said...

Twas a wooden coaster (The Beast at Kings Island, Ohio) that made me want to get a motorcycle. 60 mph wind in my face...oh yeah.