Monday, July 28, 2014

Time for Facebook to reconsider its "community standards"?

From Facebook:

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg:

If your enterprise's "community standards" are such that they don't find that page unacceptable, perhaps you need a better set of community standards?  Yesterday, if not sooner?



Coconut said...

It isn't racist when it's about das juden.

I thought you knew that.

Speaking of which - when you get census papers, do you tick the box marked "African American"?

If not, why?

MSgt B said...

Coconut's got a point there.


Rich S. said...

Facebook has taken it down now. I'm wondering if the initial reaction was an automatic software response of some sort.

Either way, it was wrong, and I'm glad they've woken up ... at least a little bit.

Baby steps, I guess.

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago when everyone was hating on that Texas Tech cheerleader who posted hunting pictures, some fine Facebook denizens started "Kill Kendall Jones" pages. Obviously advocating killing a young woman over her completely innocent hobby.

Facebook said it didn't violate their standards. A day later, they reversed course and took down the pages, but one changed it's name to "Screw" from Kill and that was fine by them.

SiGraybeard at work

Ambulance Driver said...

And yet, when an EMS Facebook page posts a graphic injury photo for educational purposes, even laden with mutliple disclaimers, Facebook will yank them offline at the very first complaint.

Ruth said...

Slightly older post, but...

I'm pretty sure that the large majority of actual flagging of profiles or posts on Facebook is actually handled by a bot, which sends out a "does not violate..." notice, and that a human only actually looks at them after a minimum number of flags go through the system.

I have, on multiple occasions, flagged accounts and posts for fairly blatant violations only to get that message. And then a month or so later get a 2nd message saying that Facebook has re-evaluated my report and taken down the profile/post.