Sunday, September 20, 2015

Around The Blogs 2015-09-20

Here's a brief collection of blog posts and articles that caught my eye over the past couple of weeks.

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DaddyBear points out the fortunate coincidence of 'System Administrator Appreciation Day' and 'Talk Like A Pirate Day'.

"Weigh anchor me hearties!  Of course it be heavy!  It be made of old 486’s fused together with Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, and Skittles!"

Uh-huh . . .

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Libertarian Christopher Burg points out that awarding a so-called 'Basic Income' to everyone is "just another statist wet dream".  It strengthens those who disburse it, and weakens democracy.

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Never Yet Melted gives us (with tongue firmly in cheek) a graphic illustration of 'Modern Art, Simplified'.

In another article, the author reminds us of this well-known Internet meme.

It's apparently expanded out of all recognition over the years.  He gives us lots of examples.

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Victor Davis Hanson reminds us that "the cult of the whining victim is now ubiquitous".

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El Capitan describes the hazards of wearing worn-out underpants while driving.

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Cranky T-Rex sees Donald Trump as 'the "**** You" candidate'.  He may have a point.

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On survival and subsistence concerns, Wirecutter hosts another guest article from 'Foodgrower'.  It's certainly food for thought.  In a disaster, just how would the survivors feed themselves after their stored supplies run out?

Over at Survival Blog, a correspondent writes to alert readers about the dangers posed by 'vehicle fences' in the median between lanes of an Interstate or other major highway.  More food for thought . . . and yes, I'm going to take the author's advice and add the necessary equipment to my vehicle kit.

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Robb Allen, in an older post that he recalled recently, gathered the accumulated 'wisdom' of gun blogs and forums on the Internet and distilled them into a series of rules.  For your edification (and amusement), here they are.

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Brad R. Torgersen reminds us that "We must not allow ourselves to become a Tyranny of the Safe. You can have intellectual latitude, or you can have intellectual comfort. But you cannot have both."

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The Art Of Manliness offers two articles containing 'Famous Manly Last Words'.

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Captain Capitalism illustrates the distinction between 'wealth' and 'stuff'.  His example of a foreign royal family is eye-opening, to say the least.  Worthwhile reading.

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Blue reminds us that if the biggest hotbeds of crime are factored out of the equation, suddenly the USA's appallingly high murder rate suddenly becomes much less appalling.  All of those hotbeds are in cities where gun control is high on the agenda.  Food for thought, that . . .

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The Lonely Libertarian brings us more of Wirecutter's wisdom.  Giggle-worthy!

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Last but not least, singer Marian Call complains that 'KickStarter math is weird'.  It's a very interesting look at how she calculates how much money she needs to raise to bring out her latest album, and the different scenarios she has to take into account.

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That's all for this week.  More soon!



Anonymous said...

Be careful cutting those cables....they are tensioned to a significant amount of pull (like 7,000 pounds or so)... Cutting them entails significant risk to you. I'd cut them only if I had absolutely no choice.

Old NFO said...

Nice round-up and quite the time sink! :-)

Elizabeth said...

A letter on the blog suggested taking out the support posts over cutting the high tensioned

Tam said...

You know that Jenn (Kaylee) drew that Winnie the Pooh cartoon, and used my Martini and that pith helmet you gave me as the models, right? :)

m4 said...

That Basic Income article jumps to an awful lot of conclusions. Oh and the US isn't the first to suggest it, seeing as another country is actually looking at a trial of the system.

0007 said...

And I'm pretty sure those cities that Blue is talking about are all demo-run paradises.