Thursday, December 31, 2015

I have the BEST readers!

You may remember that a few weeks ago, I put up a post about a Japanese company that's making wrapped chocolate slices, just like cheese slices.

It seems reader Scott K. took pity on me, and on Miss D.  He's just returned from a trip to Japan.  Guess what he brought back, and mailed to us when he got home?

Thank you so much, Scott!  That was very thoughtful of you.  The chocolate slices taste delicious on fresh sourdough bread.  (You've ruined our diet for today, but we forgive you!)



Anonymous said...

LoL~ Outstanding effort!
May 2016 see you well, Peter and Miss D! Thanks again for the posts in years past.


John Cunningham said...

For chocolate flavor on bread i go with oeanut butter and nutella

John Cunningham said...

Actually, peanut butter goes far better with nutella than oeanut butter.