Sunday, October 30, 2016

Immigration - the numbers, by gumballs

I found this over at LL's place.  It seemed like an excellent way to illustrate the problem of immigration, refugees and displaced persons, so here it is.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

Someone should show this to Frau Merkel and the other Eurocrats agitating to let unlimited 'refugees' (AKA economic migrants) into the European Union.  They might learn something, if they were prepared to listen (which they probably aren't).



Bob said...

Wow. Puts it right out there. It would seem that if we returned those 61 million non-English speaking immigrants we are struggling with today to their counties of origin, even that number (61 gumballs) would hardly be noticeable... to everybody but us.

Send them back.

tycho said...

Damn! thanks Peter, that really hits hard.

Judy said...
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Judy said...

Sigh, try again.

Everything he said is true, except one very real point he didn't mention. The rulers of the countries he is talking about. How much humanitarian aid has been siphoned off to line the pockets of these said rulers? 80%? 90%? The Peace Corp how successful has that been? In reality, not very. The only large-scale humanitarian program I can think of was the Marshall Plan after WW2 and possibly the Care Packages, which had gardening tools and seeds in them. Wasn't Ben Franklin the one that pointed out; there will always be poverty and some people no matter what you do, you just can't help?

MadMcAl said...

Just what has that to do with Merkel? Germany agreed to take in political refugees, from war zones and similar places. The people who get into Germany (on the long run, they have to be sorted out first of course) are those who have a very real probability of being killed in their home country.

The poverty situation on the other hand can not be solved without ousting the corrupt governments and/or the warlords of these countries. As long as 99% of any help vanishes into the coffers of the world elite there is no way to help.
It will take generations of dedicated effort to educate the natives so they can build up their nations, and these efforts have to be protected, and apparently not by locals.

lpdbw said...

Have you walked through the streets of Munich in the evening, actually looking at those "refugees"? I have. Funny how they are all military age men who leave the women behind. It's pretty scary.

Anonymous said...

The importation of the third world into the U.S. and Europe has nothing whatever to do with humanitarianism economic or otherwise. To be sure the bankster class, corporations who employ h1bs, down to the "farmer" who hires illegal aliens, the rich who hire illegal guatemalan nannies, the contractor or landscaper who rolls by home depot in the morning to assemble his crew of illegals all avail themselves of the cheap and exploitable labor but that's not why they're being brought in. They're being allowed and assisted to get in so that they can overwhelm and dispossess the current occupants of the U.S. Europe and Canada. The purpose is to overwhelm the current population and to replace them in time. It was decided many years ago by the ruling elites that the demographic composition of the above nations were a threat to their interests for whatever reason and that they must be changed to eliminate that threat. The invaders will either be expelled or the historic people's of those nations will cease to exist for all intents and purposes. That's the grim reality of the situation and it's a grim one indeed.

Rolf said...

Excellent illustration of the problem.

Of course, the expense of those people has a very real, and often negative, impact on those already here. Build the wall, deport the illegal ones. yes, life sucks where they come from... but why does that mean it have to bring them in here until it sucks as badly here? Help them, certainly. Just not by making them voting citizens that can vote to loot your stuff.