Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Malaysian challenge accepted!

All right, readers!  Put on your thinking caps and let's nail this challenge!

Malaysia’s dog days are over.

Hot dog sellers in the predominantly Muslim nation were ordered to rename their products to avoid any “confusion” because in Islam, pooches “are considered unclean,” government officials decreed.

. . .

Halal is the Arabic word for “permissible” and, when related to food, means grub that is acceptable for consumption under Islamic law.

American pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s, which has 45 outposts in Malaysia, was told Monday by Islamic authorities to rename its “Pretzel Dog” menu item.

Suhaimee said it’s more appropriate to call the snack a “pretzel sausage” in order to receive halal certification, according to local media.

There's more at the link.

Between all of us, I'm sure we can come up with all sorts of helpful, religiously correct suggestions as to what Malaysia should call its hot dogs.  How about it, readers?  I'll start the ball rolling:

  • Infidel Worm
  • Do Your Wurst
  • Hot Diggety Piggety

Submit your suggestions on a hot dog roll (or electronically, if you prefer) in Comments below.  Have at it!



Ed Long said...

Allah Akbarks?
Infidelicious Bites?

Jon D. said...

"Street Meat" might be more technically correct.

Fred said...


Riley C said...

infido in a blanket

Joe Allen said...

Pig in a Burkha

STxAR said...

asif, la alqadib


ayat alllah fi rulana = Ayatollah in a rolla


Anonymous said...

Mystery Meat in Phallic Shape.

(Allegedly, the shape was why the ancient Romans were into it....)

Anonymous said...

Frank's Furters

Mohini's Weenies

BobF said...

Casey's Bat

Anonymous said...

Chow Chow Chowdown
The Other Dark Meat
Less Long Dong
Trumpenfrank Bigly
Singapore Shlong
Salaam Salmonella
Dangit 'hammed
Shit-Eatin' Djinn

Serve with fried potatoes, wash down with a sharia shake.

Timbo said...

As an aside, how long will it be before this re-naming of the parts reaches America?

Timbo said...

Reminds me of a story about two women who had emigrated from a village in Spain to Caracas in the 1950s in order to work as maids. On their Sunday off they decided that if the locals were eating hotdogs, they should try too. The first one got her bun, pulled her face and said, " excuse me sir, but can I have a different part of the animal?"

I now live in that village and the daughter of one of the ladies swears that it was true.

Feather Blade said...

Tube Steak is the usual other name for hotdogs, isn't it?

Not particularly amusing, I know, but...