Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cedar's new book is out!

My friend Cedar Sanderson has just published a new science fiction novel.  'Tanager's Fledglings' is the first in a new series.

The blurb reads:

When the starship's captain died midway through a run with a cargo of exotic animals, the owner gave first mate Jem one chance, and one choice. The chance: if he successfully runs the trade route solo, he'll become the new captain. If he fails, he'll lose the only home he's ever known.

And the choice? He's now raising an old earth animal called a basset hound. Between station officials, housebreaking, pirates, and drool, Jem's got his hands full!

I've enjoyed Cedar's books for years, particularly her 'Pixie for Hire' trilogy (which I highly recommend).  I'm looking forward to reading this new novel, and its sequels.  She writes goooooood.  (Yes, I know that's not grammatical.  So?)



Uncle Lar said...

Been a long time between books from Cedar as she was working on a degree.
Something in forensic chemistry or the like.
But now that she's done perhaps we will see more from her.
And the pixie books are definitely a good read.

Cedar said...

Thank you Peter!

Uncle Lar, the degree is done, the career is in the fledgling stages :D

Michael Horgan said...

Really enjoyed this one. Looking forward to more in the series. Nice foreshadowing.

fast richard said...

I was just looking for this a couple of months ago. I was looking for a follow on to the novella "Jade Star". My SciFi reading has definitely picked up after a hiatus of many years and Cedar is one of the writers I find myself following.