Tuesday, May 23, 2017

On the road homeward

Miss D. and I overnighted on the outskirts of Kansas City, MO last night, after attending the funeral of her relative in central Iowa.  It was a difficult gathering, as all such events are.  The loss of a loved one isn't a good reason for a family reunion . . . but at least the survivors can (hopefully) comfort one another.

We're going to take it easy heading home.  My fused spine and damaged sciatic nerve are bad enough, but when kidney stone problems are added on top of them, things become ouchy.  Miss D. has injury issues of her own, so both of us are feeling the pain of several days sitting for hours in a car, or sitting yesterday during church services, then a long car ride to the cemetery in another town.  By the time we got to our hotel last night, both of us were pretty much wiped out.  We went straight to bed.

Today we'll probably visit a local tourist attraction, perhaps the Kansas City zoo - both of us come from areas where wildlife is plentiful and popular, so we like to see how various zoos portray it and educate local citizens about it.  (I still exhibit some typical African traits, though . . . I think of African animals in terms of how they taste, to Miss D.'s amusement!)  After that, we'll head south again, probably overnighting in Wichita, as we did on the way up (or somewhere close to it).  We'll tackle the rest of the journey in leisurely fashion on Wednesday, hopefully getting in towards evening.

Thanks again to all of you keeping us in your prayers.  Hopefully, it's all downhill from here!



ÆtherCzar said...

You could visit the National WWI Museum. It has a science fiction tie-in as well. Heinlein referred to it(rather irreverently) as the "Sacred Phallus of the Great Inseminator" in one of the timelines of "To Sail Beyond the Sunset."

Old NFO said...

Cats have been serviced. Take your Time, and drive safe

Joseph Hebert said...

Remember all the trips we made from Texas to Iowa.
Most we great, but every now and then, not happy.
So, when I retired from the postal service, we moved to Iowa!
And really this Native Texan loves it up here.

Jim said...

The Steamboat Arabia Museum is very worth your while, as is the WWI museum.

ColoComment said...

Too bad that Norton KS is so far out of your way.... Or perhaps you've already visited the museum for losers?


LindaG said...

Be safe. May God bless you both and ease your pains.