Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Heads up, Ruger Mark IV owners

Ruger is recalling all of its new Mark IV .22LR pistols manufactured before June 1st, 2017.  You'll find details at the company's Web site.  If you enter your pistol's serial number into the provided box, it'll tell you whether or not your gun is subject to the recall, and provide further information.

Ruger's promising a free magazine with every pistol sent back for repair, which is nice of them.  Having bought Miss D. a pair of bronze-anodized Ruger Mk. IV 22/45 Lite pistols (similar to the one shown below), I'm disappointed that she'll have to suspend her use of them until they're fixed.  Even so, I'm glad Ruger is standing behind their products (as one would expect from a company like that).

I continue to think that the Mark IV is Ruger's best rimfire pistol yet, despite this minor glitch.  I'll be buying more of them, as they bring out color variations in the 22/45 Lite version.



Old NFO said...

I'll spread the word, thanks!

Jonathan H said...

Hopefully they follow through with the promised speed of return and free magazine.

Uncle Lar said...

The issue as I understand it is that should the safety somehow get partially set half way between safe and fire and the trigger pulled the gun would sometimes fire and if it did not would fire when taken off safe.
I know they did some fundamental design changes with the Mark IV to redesign the takedown procedure to eliminate that very challenging alignment necessary to properly reassemble the pistol. Apparently something in the redesign induced this fault in the safety mechanism.

Anonymous said...

Buck mark is the better design..