Thursday, June 29, 2017

Translating from Californian to Texan

The Federalist Papers has a wonderful guide to translate Californian terms to what they mean in Texas.  For example:

CALIFORNIA:  "Arsenal of weapons"
TEXAS:  "Gun collection"

CALIFORNIA:  "Assault and battery"
TEXAS:  "Attitude adjustment"

CALIFORNIA:  "Multicultural community"
TEXAS:  "High crime area"

CALIFORNIA:  "Investment for the future"
TEXAS:  "Higher taxes"

CALIFORNIA:  "Exploiters or 'The Rich' "
TEXAS:  "Employed or Land Owner"

There are more at the link.  Good for a laugh, if you're a Texan (as Miss D. and I now are, by voting with our feet).  Liable to cause the political equivalent of PMS if you're a liberal Californian!



M4 said...

Hey Peter, have you heard about the latest Darwin Award candidate that tried to drum up some more YouTube subscribers by stopping a bullet with a book? Held in front of his chest... Fired from a rather large pistol. The mind boggled when I read it this morning and continues to boggle.

Jim said...

Much the same here, excepting in Lawrence, which is to Kansas what Austin is to Texas.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

CALIFORNIA: "Vigilante justice"
ALABAMA: "He needed killin' ..."