Thursday, February 8, 2018

Doofus Of The Day #996

Today's award goes to the chef of the Norwegian Winter Olympics team.

Egg sandwiches. Bacon and eggs. Egg salad. Eggs on toast. Scrambled eggs, or fried. After taking receipt of 15,000 eggs instead of the 1,500 they wanted, Norway’s team at this month’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics may have a pretty limited menu.

Norwegian chef de mission Tore Ovrebo struggled to suggest what they will do with the delivery but did not rule out consuming them. Their registered 121-strong delegation of athletes and officials would get plenty of protein, eating 124 eggs each.

“The eggs was more like a misunderstanding than something that we needed, so it was an extra zero on the order, so 1,500 to 15,000,” he said with a rueful laugh.

There's more at the link.

Hmmm . . . what can one do with about 14,500 surplus eggs, in sub-zero temperatures?  Egg gelato on the half shell, perhaps?  Please send your suggestions direct to the Norwegian Winter Olympics team in Pyeongchang.  They need your help!



Post Alley Crackpot said...

"Their registered 121-strong delegation of athletes and officials would get plenty of protein, eating 124 eggs each."

"Cool Hand Luke" has nothing on these people. :-)

Bart Noir said...

Peter, your math just failed.

It is 13,500 surplus eggs, not 14,500.

Quartermaster said...

What? No Spam?

Anonymous said...

How about spam and eggs?


Nate Winchester said...

Sounds like just barely enough, if you ask me.

*insert ron swanson pic here*

Aesop said...

Scrambled egg breakfast daily for all the Scandinavian teams.

The excess they can throw at the other Olympic delegations.

They could also donate them to the Norks, but they'd probably never get to the starving millions there.

Their new problem is coming up with enough bacon, ham, potatoes, and toast, butter, and jam.

ravenshrike said...

Fresh eggnog, lots and lots of eggnog. We may need to send them bourbon and rum.

stencil said...

Egg tempera billboards praising Norway's superior climate, all along the road from Seoul to Pusan,

c-90 said...

Invite the DPRK team in for a few breakfasts.

Anonymous said...

Chawan mushi(Japanese savory custard), will help egg them on...

Anonymous said...

Well, my understanding is that the 100 pleats in a chef's hat are for 100 different ways to make an egg, so if he's an actual "chef" and not just a cook, he should do just fine!