Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday morning music, and homeward bound

It's been an interesting three days at LTUE.  A group of friends and fellow writers gathered at a local rendezvous last night to share good food and good company, as a fitting end to a busy convention.  Since many brought their families, it was interesting to have to avoid rampaging small children while keeping up a conversation - not the usual Con fare!

Miss D. and I will be heading homeward later today.  The only direct flight that still had seats available when I booked, some months ago, is in mid-afternoon, so we'll kill time until then, perhaps visiting with friends once more.  We probably won't get home until late evening.  I'm sure the cats will be ready, first to greet us enthusiastically, then to give us the cold shoulder for abandoning them to a friend's care for a few days.  This seldom meets with their approval.

For today's music, I suppose traveling to (and from) a writers' convention provides suitable themes.

We may sleep in tomorrow morning, what with a long day's travel today, so regular blogging may resume a little later than usual on Monday.

As always, prayers for traveling safety will be greatly appreciated.



 Ashley said...

From what I've read, it sounded like a great convention. Only wish I could've attended too.

Anonymous said...

Marta Keen's "Homeward Bound" is one of my favorite MTC covers.


Old NFO said...

Good ones, and hoping y'all got back okay! The storm was supposed to arrive about the time y'all left!

Harry Flashman said...

Sounds like you had a good time. It's always nice to get home after a trip, though.

Shell said...

One of my favorite Beatles tunes.

Feather Blade said...

I like the "Paperback Writer" song, but I should have gone without watching the video.

What a bunch of funny-looking men.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Is PAPERBACK WRITER the mono single version?
The stereo version (or mix) really sucks. The grittier 45-RPM version is a lot catchier and more charismatic (in a somewhat "hard-core" way).