Thursday, November 21, 2019

When moonbats defy science, medicine and reality

The American Civil Liberties Union sent this tweet a couple of days ago, on the occasion of International Mens Day.

Just for their information, the state of being known as "a man" or "male" is defined in medical science.  It involves having a Y and an X chromosome.  There are, of course, a number of people who are classified as intersex, where it's medically "difficult" to determine their sex;  but such cases are vanishingly few (less than one-tenth of one percent of humans, according to authoritative research in the field).  For all intents and purposes, the XY chromosome is determinative and normative.

If one has an XY chromosome pair, and intersex is not a factor, then one cannot, medically or biologically speaking, under any circumstances:
  • Have a period;
  • Get pregnant;
  • Give birth.
If one does any of those things, one is necessarily female, biologically and medically speaking, with an XX chromosome pair instead of an XY.  There are no two ways about it.  The chromosomes have it.

For the ACLU to pretend otherwise, in the name of political correctness (and gender identity politics gone mad), does nothing but damage its own good name.  Reality is reality - and it trumps any amount of feelings, sympathy, empathy or moonbattery.  I don't care how passionately someone believes they're a man, or identifies as a man - if the chromosomes don't agree, they aren't.  Period.

I think the ACLU should immediately terminate the employment of whoever wrote (and/or approved) that message, and in future stick to what is factual, empirically provable, and demonstrably true.  The fact that it won't do that is proof positive of how far this once-great organization has declined.  When it perpetrates a deliberate lie, rather than adhere to the truth . . . that's a very sad day indeed, and speaks volumes about its trustworthiness in any other sphere.



Dave said...

Chromosomes don't lie.

I should put that on a t-shirt.

McChuck said...

The ACLU doesn't have a good name. It never did.

The ACLU has been a corrupt Leftist organization from its founding by communists. It's entire purpose is to destroy the USA through lawfare.

paul scott said...

yes, but you haven't considered how we feel

C. S. P. Schofield said...

McChuck has a point. The ACLU has dome some good work, here and there, now and then. But it has always had a tendency to get swept up in the latest Leftist nitwittery, and has a nasty tendency to operate like a chess pit, with the biggest turds rising to the top. The local chapters are often far more courageous and sensible than the national organization for that reason.

SiGraybeard said...

I'd say they should grow a pair, but I suppose that's hate speech nowadays.

Grow a spine? Grow up? Is that better?

C. S. P. Schofield said...

@ Dave

“Chromosomes don’t lie, but ideologues do”

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Peter;

The "ACLU" only supports causes that support the leftist agenda. For an organization that purports to support all rights and civil liberties, they are remarkably selective.

Aesop said...

Orwell Academy
Math Department

BillB said...

I believe Joe Biden said "We choose truth over facts". That says it all for the Left; whatever they declare as truth trumps (sic) facts.

Anonymous said...

But if you stop the idiots from popping up and doing idiotic things, how will you know where the idiots are?

Uncle Lar said...

The ACLU has long been known for it's selective choices as to which civil liberties it will lend it's support to.
For example their refusal to get involved in any Second Amendment issues whatsoever.

Sam L. said...

Speaking only for myself, I have: Never had a period. Never gotten pregnant. And, obviously, never given birth. My wife, however, is 3 for 3. Twice.

BadFrog said...

I read that tweet twice, confirming my initial response - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

 Ashley said...

However,while I understand how you all feel, please don't equate feelings with facts. Here's a link to a science discussion.

I should add, that in the bigger scheme of things, my observation is that the media is trolling people to trigger them, and I suggest that you may want to reconsider your emotional responses and allow your good judgements be coloured by false narratives.

Peter said...

@Ashley: That article to which you linked isn't science at all - it's pseudoscience. One sentence alone demonstrates that conclusively:

"The truth is, your biological sex isn’t carved in stone, but a living system with the potential for change."

That's bullshit, right there. It's not scientifically valid. Period.

Hard science - not the touchy-feely, politically-correct mishmash that's often cited as science - is clear, determinate, and decisive. The only "science" supporting the transgender brouhaha is "soft" science - psychology, sociology, and so on. Every single time "soft" science's claims are tested against "hard" science, they fail.

So, don't blame my views on an emotional response. Show me hard data, facts that can be proved empirically, and can be scientifically analyzed and replicated and verified, and I'll listen. Until then . . . not.