Tuesday, December 5, 2023

If music be the food of love - bad hair edition


Mike Hendrix over at Cold Fury, himself a musician and trumpet-player, is giggling over a product he found on Amazon.

Endorsed with all my heart and soul!

Saw that this morning, and I haven’t stopped laughing since ... you can bet your sweet bippy my young ‘un will be getting herself a BrassTache from dear old dad this Christmas to adorn and enliven her noble old King [trumpet]. She inherited the same silly, juvenile sense of humor her old man has, so I know she’s gonna love it all to pieces. And laugh herself sick over it, like papa did.

There's more at the link.

Why do I get the irresistible mental vision of a one-legged Mike, capering around a stage on an improvised crutch next to his two-legged daughter, and both of them tootling away on matching trumpets - with matching moustaches?


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Rev. Paul said...

I played the French horn from grade school through college. The mouthpieces on such are smaller in diameter than the trumpet ... but if we'd had such things, we'd have "worn" them!