Sunday, December 10, 2023

Sunday morning music


Uriah Heep was one of the top British heavy metal/rock bands of the early 1970's.  Formed in 1969, they're still active today, although with only one of the original members still involved (no less than eight former members have died).  Their influence faded from the late 1970's onward, but for a time they were right up there in popularity with Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin and other British greats.

Here's one of their seminal albums, 1972's "Demons And Wizards".  It's been perennially popular since then, and can still be heard today on some classic rock stations.  The tracks are:

1 The Wizard
2 Traveller In Time
3 Easy Livin'
4 Poet's Justice
5 Circle Of Hands
6 Rainbow Demon
7 All My Life
8 Paradise/The Spell

Listening to it now, some of the lyrics seem puerile, infantile, immature . . . but at the time, they appeared groundbreaking, and captured the search for meaning that so many rock groups expressed.  I still find myself smiling nostalgically as I hear them again.

Lots of memories there for this old fart.  It seems weird to remember that the album is almost 53 years old!  Oh, well.  I was younger then . . .



Anonymous said...

Was a big Uriah Heep fan in the 70's
Thanks for the memories !!

Anonymous said...

I feel that way about a lot of the music I loved in the sixties and seventies. We grew up and the music stayed the same.

Mauser said...

And that Roger Dean cover... my sister had a art book of his that showed the development of this cover (And a lot of the Yes covers as well).

TJ said...

We were all younger then.