Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sunday morning music


Here's a treat for the older farts among us.  Who can forget the Chad Mitchell Trio and their satirical take on life, the universe and everything?

Their best-known song is almost certainly Lizzie Borden, concerning a young lady accused (but later acquitted) of murder.

Remember that the Trio was performing during the 1960's, when the draft for military service was a very hot topic of discussion.  All sorts of excuses were put forward in an effort to evade the draft.

The sporting world did not escape their satire.

And, of course, political issues of the day reared their ugly heads in some of their songs (only to be disemboweled with satirical glee).

They also performed many traditional folk songs and sea shanties.  A great many of their songs may be found on YouTube.



Hamsterman said...

Interesting. I remember the Kingston Trio, but not Chad Mitchell Trio. Perhaps it is like remembering the Beach Boys and not Jan & Dean.

Anonymous said...

sumwhurz in my stack of wax is a recording of their 1963 USNA concert. Not on par with Kingston Trio but good stuff.

Orvan Taurus said...

What is *hilarious* is, especially considering that last one, is who all was in the trio. Like one Bob Denver. Yeah.

Wayne said...

John Denver. Bob Denver was Gilligan.

Chris said...

They sound remarkably like the Austin Lounge Lizards.