Wednesday, July 10, 2024

"The blunder that changed chickens forever"


I was interested to learn that today's enormous US chicken industry started with a simple ordering error.  This video was originally on the BBC, but this copy has been posted to YouTube.

Just a minor mistake . . . or was that a poultry error?



Old NFO said...

Paltry error...LOL

Aaron said...

'Twas a fowl deed by any reckoning,

Peter B said...

Notice that it was taking her 18 weeks from chick to table. Thanks to selective breeding and scientific feeding and confinement, it's now six weeks from egg to table. The pathetic flavor of such birds is what prompted the late, great Julia Child to say they tasted "like teddy bear stuffing."

Rick in MT said...

Meanwhile they feed the birds a stiff mixture of antibiotics with a little feed mixed in... because birds that don't get sick reach market weight a few days faster. But the sick part is when you read the lable and find that your chicken has been "infused no more than 10%" aka, they weigh it, then inject brine to 10% of the weight. Because salty water is cheap! And before you think there's nothing wrong, remember you're paying the same price for saltwater as you are the chicken. And most of the injected water drains out and stays in the absorbent pad they put under the meat before they seal the package.