Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home again

Miss D. and I made it back safely from a very pleasant weekend with Brigid.  Much good food was consumed, much intoxicating drink was imbibed, and many stories were told.  You can read more about some of the fun and games here.  (Also, many shoes and other items of clothing were stolen by a certain four-legged bandit, to be retrieved with considerable effort and much laughter.)

It's back to the grindstone tomorrow.  I've just finished the sixth overhaul of an 84,000-word manuscript.  Come the New Year it'll be sent out to a few volunteer beta readers for their comments while I polish a sequel of similar length.  I hope both will be ready to launch as e-books within a few months, and later (if the demand is there) in dead tree versions as well.  Hopefully they'll be the first two books in a series.  Keep your fingers crossed that my ambitions can be matched or exceeded by both productivity and quality!

I'll put up just a couple of posts tonight before I head for some much-needed sleep.  Look for more tomorrow morning.



Old NFO said...

Looking forward to it Peter! :-)

Home on the Range said...

Thank you for letting me be one of your beta readers!

It's awful quiet around here, and Barkley keeps looking for someone's sandals.

Breakfast was oatmeal. . back to the grind.