Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How do we nominate this man for President?

Courtesy of a link at Weerd's place, we learn of a mayor who's not climbing - or staying - on the 'Big Government' bandwagon.  Instead, he's fixing the problem.  This report from Reason TV is worth watching in full.

I asked in the heading to this post how we nominate this man for President.  Unfortunately, of course, he'd never be elected . . . because every entitlement junkie, union feather-bedder and big-government stooge would rise up to oppose him.  More's the pity.


1 comment:

Stuart Garfath said...

DEWEY BARTLETT for Prime Minister of Australia!!!!!.

If he agrees to run for Australian Prime Minister, I'll pay his business class airfare down here, why 'business class'?, BECAUSE HE MEANS BUSINESS!!.