Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Doofus Of The Day #813

It takes a special kind of Doofidity to be fired from your job before you even start work.

Texas teen fired from pizza shop for complaining about 'f--k a--' new job on Twitter before her first day

Robert Waple, the boss of Jet’s Pizza in Mansfield, saw the tweets from his new hire, @Cellla, and quickly fired her before she even started. ‘Good luck with your no money, no job life!’ he tweeted. The teen didn’t seem to take the news too hard: She announced her lay-off with a series of laughing emojis. Waple explained the gig required employees to take orders and eat free pizza: ‘How hard would that have been?’

There's more at the link.

When I was young and indigent, I looked for work knowing I was likely to get only the poorly-paid, demanding positions, because that's all I was qualified to do.  I made darn sure to get better qualifications as quickly as possible, so I could move up and onward, but I never disrespected my employer in public like that.  I needed to eat and pay the rent!  My first jobs were too poorly paid to afford a car, but I coped with public transport and my own two feet, and in due course a small motorbike.  It wasn't fun, but I made it to where I could afford a car;  then things got better.

If you don't want to do a particular job, why apply for it in the first place?  What is it with young folks today?  (Yeah, yeah, I know - I sound like an old fart.  Heck, I suppose I am an old-fart-in-training by now!)



Anonymous said...

I worked as a labor in a landfill one summer, sorting garbage and unloading railcars of lime.

I thought at least nobody would say they had a worse job than mine. My buddy at the sewage treatment plant disagreed.


Richard Blaine said...

It starts in preschool with the constant reenforcement that the child is a special little snowflake and is entitled to do anything they want as long as it makes them feel good. Later they learn that "anything" doesn't include thinking for themselves, freedom of speech, or the ability to walk to the park on their own.

On one had they're told - you can be what ever you want, follow your passion. On the other they're told - don't make your own decisions, it's too hard let the government do it for you.

The end result is the only thing they really learn is to be an entitled, talentless, drone with no skills and an sense of self worth that has no connection to reality.

Snoggeramus said...

LOL. Special little snowflake can go and melt.

Paul said...

They think they out number us. The snow flakes that is.

Ive been grumpy for a decade now and it has only gotten worse.

bookworm said...

Brings back memories...I was managing a store on the Oregon coast and had a young gal call in about 3 hours after she was supposed to be there. She wanted to know if she should come in to work...no excuse...just now getting around to it. And they can look so decent in the interview. Argh.