Friday, February 20, 2015

Doofus Of The Day #816

An instant Super-Doofus award goes to the 'expert' appointed by Mayor de Blasio to 'reform' the New York City Police Department.  The NY Post reports:

Michael Julian, who was appointed deputy commissioner of training in November, lasted just two months on the job before his ridiculed proposals got him transferred out, the sources said.

. . .

Julian explained to skeptical cops that officers should pop [breath] mints in their mouth when they feel the need to curse, police sources said.

It was a follow-up to his demands when he took the job that officers need to stop using foul language.

He insisted the mints would help them quit cursing the way a smoker kicks the habit — by giving them a few seconds to focus on something else when they feel the urge, according to police sources.

The mints were never handed out, and a week later, he was reassigned as deputy chief of personnel, the sources said.

Another of Julian’s mocked suggestions came the day a grand jury decided not to indict Garner “chokehold” cop Daniel Pantaleo.

Julian suggested that officers spray unruly protesters who link arms with baby oil to help get them apart, the sources said.

. . .

He said the cops could wear rubber gloves so they would still be able to grip the slippery suspects.

There's more at the link.

When I read extracts from that article to Miss D., she assumed I was reading from The Onion, and was staggered to find out the report was real.  I think I'll forward a copy to my buddy Lawdog.  I want to hear his reaction (and his language!) to being told to use baby oil on rioting protesters.

I suggest that Mr. Julian (who's still employed by NYPD) should be issued a special badge.  Instead of reading 'Police', it'll say 'MOONBAT!!!'



Anonymous said...

But, but, but, Julian meant well! That's all that matters right? That we feeeeel like we did something.!?!??!!

Old NFO said...

They ARE out there, and getting paid WELL for their brain droppings... sigh

Jim said...

Of course he's still working for them. They also think a 12 pound trigger's a good idea.