Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hot 5.56x45mm ammo deal

I know some readers, like myself, aren't afraid to spend money on premium defensive ammunition for 'social use'.  This isn't practice ammo, it's intended for saving your life when the proverbial brown substance hits the rotary air impeller and you need to rely on it in the worst way.

Such ammo can be very expensive indeed. I've seen it offered for well over a dollar a round, sometimes approaching two dollars a round. Therefore, when I find a good deal I jump on it.  I've just come across such a deal from Beck Ammunition in Texas.  They've found themselves with an overstock of 5.56x45mm ammo loaded with the bonded 64gr. Nosler bullet. As far as I'm aware, that's the same bullet used in the current standard-issue FBI load.

As most experienced shooters will know, Nosler bullets have a very high reputation indeed.  This particular 64gr. bullet uses bonded construction, meaning that the jacket is secured to the interior metal in such a way that they won't separate.  It's optimum for barrier penetration (e.g. auto glass, car bodies, walls and doors, etc.) and, for hunting, deep penetration into tissue and bone, while still offering acceptable expansion on contact with flesh.  For law enforcement, that offers the best of both worlds;  and for serious civilian users, the same consideration applies.

Beck Ammunition is offering their overstock at what I think is the very reasonable price of $10.95 for a box of 20 rounds.  (Nosler's own version of this round lists for $28/20.)  Beck's products are recommended by some law enforcement officers of my acquaintance, who've assured me that the quality is as good as that of any big-name manufacturer.  I've therefore gone ahead and bought a plentiful supply of this stuff.  I thought you folks might be interested in getting some while the getting's good, given the current brouhaha about 5.56mm. ammunition.

NOTE 1:  There was a slight problem during the online ordering process.  I found the 'shopping cart' charged me more than double the listed price for the ammo.  I contacted Robyn, who confirmed that the advertised price was correct, and took my order over the phone to get around that difficulty.  If you have any problem, call her at (817) 219-7976 and do likewise.  She's very helpful.

NOTE 2:  I'm not being compensated for this recommendation in any way, either financially or in kind.  I just want to share a good deal with my readers while it's still available.



DaddyBear said...

Thanks, Peter. This fills a hole in my inventory.

Kirkster said...

Their online ordering is working correctly now.

I picked up a few hundred rounds...


Royal Ward said...

Thanks, I can always use a good round for hunting\self defense.

Anonymous said...

Very kind of you to help out the less fortunate - searching can be very time consuming.

STxAR said...

Thank you.