Monday, July 20, 2015

Doofus Of The Day #845

Today's award goes to a Frenchman with great expect(or)ations.

A 27-year-old from eastern France was left regretting his actions this week when he tried to impress his friends by spitting on police from his balcony, but ended up falling to the ground three stories below.

. . .

According to reports in the French media the man was stood on his balcony at around 2am when he spotted a police car coming down the street.

He leaned back preparing to unleash a volley of phlegm onto the cops below, but as he lurched forward he went over the balcony railings and fell, luckily landing in some bushes.

He was rushed to hospital suffering from a serious head injury and multiple fractures.

In another strange twist, when police questioned the shocked friends up on the balcony, officers realized that one of them had been on the run for several months.

He was arrested and hauled off to prison.

There's more at the link.

He certainly sounds unbalanced to me . . .  I wonder what additional injuries he'll suffer at the hands of his erstwhile friend when the latter gets out of jail?



Old NFO said...

Unbalanced in more ways that one... :-)

Chuckles said...

Anyone who thinks that the phrase 'A man was stood on his balcony' is acceptable, does not merit any further analysis