Monday, July 27, 2015


Remember that post I did last week about pain?

Yeah.  That one.

I finally got to see a urologist this morning, three and a half weeks after the problem began, and after two visits to my own physician plus a CAT scan and an ultrasound examination.  Turns out I have a fairly substantial kidney stone, which has been causing all the pain and blood in my urine.  No fun at all.  I'll be going into hospital to have something done about it within the next week or two.

At least the urologist was able to prescribe a fairly strong painkiller.  My regular physician didn't dare do so, thanks to Tennessee's insanely convoluted pain medication laws and regulations.  I've had to make do with only semi-effective medication until this morning.  I filled the new prescription on the way home, and popped the first of them a few minutes ago.  Here's hoping it takes the edge off the pain, which has been distinctly un-funny over the past couple of days.

Anyway, so far, so good.  I've heard it said that "Pain is nature's way of telling you that you're still alive".  In that case, I'm so alive it hurts!

(There's also an alternative saying:  "Pain is nature's way of reminding you that you're only one bear attack away from being the hamburger in the bun of life".  At present, that feels about right . . . )



DaddyBear said...

Hope they can take care of it quickly. Kidney stones are no joke.

Samrobb said...

My sympathies, Peter... I'm in the same boat, though currently in the "drink lots of liquids and wait for the stupid thing to stop rattling around in the kidney and start moving through the system" stage of the game. Here's hoping that the pain meds work for you, and that things move along quickly!

Bruce said...

Remember that post I did last week about..."

When I first read that I thought it was going to be about the 8.48% drop in China's Shanghai Composite. :)

Good luck and get to feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

This won't help with a current stone, but after my (then 11!) year old daughter had a kidney stone, I did some research on herbal preventatives...Oak Leaf Hydrangea is supposed to help. (you can take in capsule form)...just google online for a source or check your local "natural/health" store...

Anonymous said...

My coworkers and some traveling companions make fun of the "excessive amount" of fluids that I drink (100 oz/day). I point out that 1. we live in an arid climate (not this year, but in general) and 2. I don't care to pass a kidney stone in a foreign hospital. That tends to still the laughter.

Kind thoughts headed your direction.


Anonymous said...

The only good thing I learned from my kidney stone was a hit of Demerol feels like a warm blanket

Best of luck.


richard mcenroe said...

They usually break those up ultransonically these days, but if you're on a budget the two-pound sledge is still effective.

Rev. Paul said...

I hope the new meds work well, and quickly!

Chuck-K said...

I feel pain just reading about it.

BobF said...

If it's gone this long I wonder if you're headed for a more invasive remedy. I've had 7 and number 5 was taken care of by laser lithotripsy. Painless procedure except for the first pee afterward, a most noteworthy experience, and I'd have never believed it but the stent removal later was absolutely painless and done on an office visit. My oldest son had one done by ultrasound and he said it was like being hit with a baseball bat and he'll never consent to that method again. Your mileage may vary and I wish you the best, Peter.

Peter B said...

Depending on the composition of the stone, there's a difference in dietary and supplement suggestions to minimize recurrences. There's a good discussion in Murray and Pizzorno's The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.
The professional version of the text is well referenced, and I think this one is too.

The only addition I'd make based on would be to look into vitamin K2 supplementation as well.

skidmark said...

@Peter B -

It requires passing the stone and capturing it as it leaves that part of the body to determine what is is made up of.

Some big box stores no longer sell sieves in their kitchenware section, and when was the last time you saw fine muslin anywhere?

Of course there are specialty products:

Good luck, and hoping that you do not need to try to pass an intact "fairly substantial" one .

stay safe.

Borepatch said...

Ouch. I hope they get this taken care of soon, Peter.

HeroHog said...

Demerol, ask for it by name! I have passed 17 and have 2 waiting to drop now. You have my deepest sympathies! I have dislocated my knees several times and yet a kidney stone is what made me pass out from pain. (the rest of them made me WISH I would pass out!)

HeroHog said...
Said strainer with stone and "sand."