Monday, July 27, 2015

Some interesting cutaways

Miss K. recently put up a series of pictures of objects that have been cut away to show their interiors.  Some are a real struggle to identify.  This one in particular caught my eye - a Leica camera lens with its insides exposed.

There are many more images at the link.  Interesting viewing.



MissK said...

Thanks for the link back Peter ;-)

Cedar said...

Oh, that lens is nifty. Now I'm sitting here looking at my camera. I didn't know how much was going on in the lens.

Will said...

Take notice that there are 7 lens elements in that assembly. (Two are glued together to make an "achromatic doublet", which corrects for light shift.) That is 14 surfaces. Without anti-reflective coatings, it would have very poor light transmission to the film or sensor. On average, the loss could be 2-4%/surface. The material of the lens itself has losses, and it really adds up with multi-lens designs.