Friday, July 24, 2015

Specially for those on a cleansing diet

Today's Mallard Fillmore cartoon:

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Anonymous said...

I first read about "cleanses' in German women's tabloids. The part about "Oh, by the way, clear your schedule because you will have no energy to do anything during these three days, and will be weak for a day or two afterwards," pretty much warned me away from anything like that.

OTOH, I can say that the dark chocolate loading plan (moderately large quantities of very good dark chocolate for several days) may not do much to lower your free radicals but it will return one to emotional equilibrium and elevated contentedness. ;)


The Raving Prophet said...


I still contend the problem with "true" communism is the same problem one runs into with every other economic or governmental system- it has to be implemented by people, and people are flawed. If you had the altruistic "everybody pull together" type of people with no greed, yes, communism could work. But then, with that kind of people, so would socialism, capitalism, and every other system you care to name. Given the innate human flaws (and Peter, you and I would term this the "sin nature" of humans), NO system is going to work perfectly. Still, I would content capitalism is the best system given our flaws because it relies on people to act in their own self interest- something that one can generally trust people to do. Foolproof? Oh, of course not- fools are the most ingenious type of human. Still, it wasn't communism that saw poor people with their own vehicles, refrigerators, and cable TV.

m4 said...

An elected dictatorship might be a better chance... That way you only need one altruistic person... Of course you need to make sure the people don't elect idiots. Never mind then. Just put me in charge, I'll get it sorted.