Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Throw rug thief

This made me smile.

Sorry about the lack of 'in-depth' content today - my pain levels are a bit too high for comfort.  More later.



Rev. Paul said...

And we had high hopes for the new meds ...
Feel better soon, my friend.

Peter said...

@Rev. Paul: Oh, the new meds are helping a great deal - it's just that the doc poked me in the sore kidney yesterday during the examination, which made it a lot more painful than it was pre-poke! It's getting better, slowly, but still feels a bit tenderized. Hopefully, by this time next week, they will have done something about it, although they warned me it'll take another week or so to get over the pain of the removal. I've never had a kidney stone before, so I don't know.

Bob said...

I've been through two kidneys stones making their way into the world. They were quite painful. One passed in the hospital, the other into the pee cup with the filter they give you, while peeing at home.

What amazed me was how small they were. for all the pain, one would think they was as big as marbles.

Hang in there, they'll pass, and the relief is awesome.

Old NFO said...

Get well soon my friend. And I'm betting that dog has done that to the cat before!

HeroHog said...

You must have a staghorn stone. Are they going to use lithotripsy or a knife?
BTW: Everyone worries about the stone passing through your pecker. That is the easy part. Ya normally don't much notice as the passage there is much larger than the path from kidney to bladder.