Thursday, November 9, 2017


Matthew Pritchett, a.k.a. "Matt", is the "pocket cartoonist" for the Telegraph newspaper in London, UK.  Here's his take on President Trump's current visit to China.



Anonymous said...

Well, it must have worked. How many Mexicans are in China?


The Overgrown Hobbit said...

As and that's my main problem with Mr Trump's fans' "wall." Historically, they've been used by governments to keep folks IN.

Draconian enforcement of the immigration laws, with particular attention paid to non-compliant businesses and those making use of the welfare state illegally, would be prime.

Larry said...

Historically? No. Only Communist states of the last century have ever had "walls" to keep their people in. Certainly the Great Wall of China, Hadrian's Wall, the various linear defenses of the Russians against the Tatars, and city or town walls in the thousands over human history were all to keep enemies out.