Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mind-boggling stunts behind the wheel

This just makes me shake my head in disbelief.

How he missed taking out some of those overhead wires, I'll never know!



Rev. Paul said...

The biggest question is, did he have any spinal chord or internal organs still functional, after?

John Varga said...

the suspension on that is incredible

Steve Sky said...

That reminds me of the videos of the Polaris RAZR. They claim it's an ATV, but just like a stock car, you can't go into the dealership and get one of these.

joemedic said...

Reminds me of my very short carrier in SCCA solo racing when I discovered the very hard way my lack of depth perception might be a bit of a problem. Up until I crashed my sponsor's car at 140+ mph also technically breaking my neck in the process (C3,4 and five non-displaced fractures) I had a great deal of fun doing it.

Am glad I'm a lot older and have a bit more common sense now...Maybe.