Monday, November 6, 2017

More fun (?) with tractors

Following Saturday's video clip of an antique steam traction engine outpulling a 110hp. modern tractor, I found this collection of tractor pull errors, mishaps and disasters.

Boys and their agricultural toys, I guess!



bruce said...

let's burn up metal and throw engines. 101. no credit
cost: mortgage the farm

Old NFO said...

Ouch, that's some significant $$$ up in smoke!

Will said...

Breaking things, crashing, and fires are all part of vehicle racing. What got my attention was the badly organized safety responders, some/most of them not very clear on the operation of fire extinguishers.

The other problem was the clear lack of understanding of what it takes to restrain the mass of the tractor and sled when (not if!) they get out of control. Along with this is the lack of shut-down/overrun at the end of the track.
It was horrifying to see the sled weight fly up the sled track, launch off the sled and impact the driver's cage (about min 7). So many fails there.

Overall, that video collection was an indictment of the promoters involved. Idiots all.

Rich P said...

"We may experience some turbulence...and...then explode."