Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Remember - and vote

Stephan Pastis reminds us:

Today, use the right to vote that they died to bequeath to us. There are literally billions of people in the world who don't have it, or whose right is meaningless thanks to official shenanigans. We don't labor under that curse - so remember, give thanks, and vote.



E.D.M. said...

How many of those guys would rather be speaking German today than have this tranny obsessed nonsense culture?

suburban said...

Indeed we should always remember all we have to be thankful for.

Unknown said...

Stephan Pastis is a genius of a cartoonist... however, he is also an anti-gun advocate.

He was one of the sponsors of "Cartoonist Demand Action" for gun control:

When he is reminding you to go vote, he is wanting you to go vote against Second Amendment rights.

Unknown said...

@E.D.M I'll bet that none of them think that anyone in the US is anywhere near as bad as the real Nazis