Friday, February 28, 2020

Too cute!

Following a link on Instapundit, via Reddit, to YouTube:  here's Ozzy the desk weasel.

Ain't he cute?



Old NFO said...

Cute now, not when he gets full grown... sigh

HMS Defiant said...

oh yes

it's natures way of keeping most people from killing the very young.

Greybeard said...

Close friend got a ferret.
Cute, but VERY, VERY, VERY active at night.
She was actually glad when it died.

Marty said...

Old NFO, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s full grown. Had a “lesser weasel” about that size playing around my boots when I was sitting a stand for moose in northern Canada.

John T. Block said...

On the plus side,no mice around THAT mouse! 🤨 😎🤔